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Found 1 result

  1. Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah, Tayyibun Foundation invites you and your family this Ramadhaan to join us for: Ramadhaan Spiritual LAST 1O NIGHTS OF TARAWIH (Ramadhaan 1433 / 2012) Prayers will be led by Imams & Quraa' from Makkah (Saudi Arabia) and Egypt Join us on a spiritual journey during the last ten nights of Ramadhaan as we strive to maximise the latter days of the month of taqwaa by host you, your friends and family for emaan uplifting Tarawih prayers and supplication consisting of moving Qur'an recitation led by senior Imams from Makkah and Egypt, starting from the 8th of August (20th Ramadhaan) onwards insha'Allah. Dates: Starting from Wednesday 8th August 2012 onwards (every night of the last 10 nights of Tarawih) 20th Ramadhaan until 30th Ramadhaan Venue: Water Lily Banqueting Suite Mens Entrance- The Wickham Suite, 89A Mile End Road, London E1 4UG Womens Entrance- The Cleveleand Suite, 10 Cleveland Way, London E1 4UF Travel: Situated between Whitechapel & Stepney Green Stations Train- Stepney Green Station/ Whitechapel Station/ Mile End Station Bus- D3, 25, 105, 106, 115, 205, 254 Map- http://www.streetmap...searchp=ids.srf Timing: From 10.15pm onwards insha'allaah Reciters: * Confirmed attendance in person of internationally renowned Imams and Quraa' from Makkah (Saudi Arabia) and Egypt to lead congregational prayers. Features: * Pray with calmness, tranquillity and concentration at the scenic venue * Share in the bond of brotherhood participating in unified prayers together * Live heart touching Qur'an recitation by exclusive delegation of Quraa' and Imams assembled from Egypt and Saudi Arabia * Qunoot du’aa (supplications) Free admission- All brothers and sisters welcome to attend (no registration/ booking required) Fully segregated facilities between the genders Wasalaamu Alaikum, Ramadhaan Spiritual Tarawih http://www.tayyibun.com/ * Specialised Ramadhaan Spiritual Tarawih is a project of Tayyibun Foundation. * Tayyibun Foundation is a not for profit community organisation, we are non-partisan and not affiliated with any groups, Islamic organisations or Masjids. * We do not permit any external recording or publicity at any of our programmes. * Separate designated prayer area for sisters facilitated.