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Found 3 results

  1. Assalaamu 'Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaathuh There are only 15 more seats available for this important seminar coming up on Saturday 15th June in Derby. Please book your place now for a special introductory price of £5 only. MEOC - Cambridge Islamic Sciences Seminars and Al-Akram Trust Derby Present Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - Example for The East & The West Study of Seerah for Modern Society By Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford) Date: Saturday 15th June 2013 Time: 09.30AM - 5:00PM Venue: St James Centre, Malcolm Street Derby DE23 8LU Registration: http://courses.meoc.org.uk/p/saturday-15th-june-2013-ciss-derby.html Tickets: £5.00 (excludes booking fees) This is one of the most remarkable, dynamic and inspiring seminars of the series. It covers different aspects of the life and personality of the Prophet Muhammad while showing the universality of his example for all times and all places including for individuals & societies in the modern Western world. "The Messenger of God is an excellent model for those of you who put your hope in God and the Last Day and remember Him often." [Qur'an 33:21] Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/531688673533428/ Posts from previous instance of this seminar: Unique Seerah Seminar Based on The Roles of Prophet Muhammad What if The Prophet Muhammad was British? How Would The Prophet Relate To The Children & Youth Of Britain Today? How Would The Prophet Engage With The British Public? How Would The Prophet Deal With The British Muslim Community? Cambridge Islamic Sciences Seminars - Derby Muslim Education & Outreach Cambridge (MEOC) Tel: 01223 655223 Mobile: 07736 779448 Email: courses[at]meoc.org.uk
  2. The Qur’anic Seerah of The Prophet - A Unique Approach When we think about the Seerah or the biography of the Prophet (SAW), we first bring to mind the famous books of seerah written by classical as well as contemporary scholars and writers. No doubt that some of these are great works but we sometimes become so engrossed in the details that we fail to appreciate the greater message and benefit of the seerah. This happens because we lose sight of the basis or backbone for the life of the Prophet (SAW) which anchors all the details of his seerah. What the Qur'an provides us is the backbone and the most important aspects of the life of the Prophet (SAW) by which the details can be understood. The heart of the seerah is seen through the Qur'an where Allah (SWT) gives us knowledge of inner aspects of the life of the Prophet (SAW) which are known only to Him (SWT), such as the feelings and thoughts of the Prophet (SAW). <<And surely you are indeed of a magnificent character >> [surah Al-Qalam 68:4] Allah (SWT) mentions that the Prophet (SAW) is on an exalted standard of character. This is one of the pillars of his life. It is manifested not only in his speech and action but also in his thinking. What is more amazing is that he maintained this in all circumstance including when dealing with the enemy or when he was upset. Knowing this sheds a totally different light when studying the details of the seerah. << We sent you [Prophet] only as a mercy to all people >> [surah Al-Anbiyah 21:107] Similarly Allah (SWT) mentions that the Prophet (SAW) is a mercy to each and every human being on the face of the earth as well as other creatures. Again this is manifested in every aspect of his life. Unfortunately those who make fun of the Prophet (SAW) have not realised that he is a mercy to them personally. All that is mentioned about the Prophet (SAW) in the Qur'an are the most important aspects of his life a Muslim (and also non-Muslim) must know. Therefore the most important book for the study of seerah is the Qur'an. Surahs such as Al-Qalam, Al-Muzzammil and Al-Muddaththir (all in Juzz Tabarak) are particularly relevant in this matter. After the completion of Surah Al-Mulk last month, this Saturday will be focusing on Surah Al-Qalam. The structure of Surah Al-Qalam is such that the beginning and the end of the Surah are about the Prophet (SAW) while the middle is about the response of the people and its consequences. The subtleties and the connection between the different parts of the Surah will be explored during the seminar. No doubt at the end, you will come out with an amazing understanding and love for the Prophet (SAW) as well as a deep understanding of this Surah in particular and the Qur'an in general, InshaAllah. The Magnificent Journey An Amazing Journey Through The Last Two Parts (Juzz Tabaarak and Juzz 'Amma) of the Qur'an, From Surah Al-Mulk to Surah An-Naas, by one of the foremost Islamic Scholars and Thinkers of the Western World today Surah Al-Qalam... By Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford University) Date: Saturday 20th October 2012 Time: 10AM - 6PM Venue: Cambridge University and Online Schedule: Sunday 23rd September 2012 - Anglia Ruskin University 67. Surah Al-Mulk - Completed Saturday 20th October 2012 - Cambridge University 68. Surah Al-Qalam [69. Surah Al-Haaqqah to 70. Surah Al-Ma'aarij] Saturday 17th November 2012 - Cambridge University 71. Surah Nuh to 72. Surah Al-Jinn Saturday 22nd December 2012 - Cambridge University 73. Surah Al-Muzammil to 75. Surah Al-Qiyaamah Saturday 26th January 2013 - Cambridge University 76. Surah Al-Insaan to 77. Surah Al-Mursalaat Saturday 23rd February 2013 - Cambridge University 78. Surah An-Naba' to 80. Surah 'Abasa Saturday 23rd March 2013 - Cambridge University 81. Surah Ath-Thakweer to 84. Surah Al-Inshiqaaq Saturday 20th April 2013 - Cambridge University 85. Surah Al-Buruj to 89. Surah Al-Fajr Saturday 18th May 2013 - Cambridge University 90. Surah Al-Balad to 96. Surah Al-'Alaq Saturday 22nd June 2013 - Cambridge University 97. Surah Al-Qadr to 114. Surah An-Naas Sunday 21st July 2013 - Anglia Ruskin University Bonus: 1. Surah Al-Fathiha and 2:255 Aayat Al-Kursi Sunday 25th August 2013 - Anglia Ruskin University Bonus: Miracle of The Qur'an There will be a minimum of 12 sessions in this monthly journey. They can be booked individually or as a whole. http://courses.meoc.org.uk <<<<<< Click Here To Register Price: Individual Sessions: Advance Tickets: Adults £25, Dual Ticket £20, Student £20, Children £12.50, Half-Day £15 Live Online Web Access £49.50 Crèche Facilities - £15 per child for whole day. Annual Pass: Magnificent Journey Attendance Pass - £147 (less than £13 per session) Magnificent Journey Online Pass - £297 (less than £25 per session) Features of the Magnificent Journey Pass: Attending just 5 or 6 sessions covers the cost of the pass. Accompanying children can attend for free (usually £12.50). Reduced price for crèche facilities at only £10 (usually £15). Payment in 2 or 3 instalments if required Guaranteed places Limited number of passes available! Testimonials "Of all the scholars I have had the opportunity to study with, I have found Shaikh Akram Nadwi to be the closest, in knowledge, manners and teaching, to how I would imagine some of the great Hadith scholars of the past would have been. He has a vast knowledge of Qur'an, Hadith and Fiqh, a down-to-earth, humble, approachable style, and great teaching ability. His classes are not just beneficial from a learning perspective, but also to marvel at the awe-inspiring wealth of knowledge of our scholars masha Allah. His 57 volume work going through the biographies of some 8,000 women scholars of Hadith is a monumental endeavour. The mere fact of its existence can be a major talking point in discussion with Muslims and non-Muslims, and is almost a stand-alone proof of Islam's unparalleled wealth of female scholarship." - Dr Omar Mahroo, Cambridge/London More Testimonials: http://courses.meoc....stimonials.html Muslim Education & Outreach Cambridge (MEOC) 23 King Street, Cambridge CB1 1AH Tel: 07736 779 448 or 01223 655223
  3. The Best Book On Prophet's Life !

    The Noble Life Of The Prophet – (3 Volumes) Dr. ‘Ali Muhammad As-Sallaabee Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 2025 | Size: 44 MB http://islamfuture.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/the-noble-life-of-the-prophet-3-volumes/ In this book, the events of the Prophet’s life, from the day he (S) was born and even before that day for background information-until the day he (S) died, have been recorded. Beyond enumerating the events of the Prophet’s life, lessons and morals from those events have been drawn to point out the significance of an event and the wisdom behind the Prophet’s actions or deeds, the Islamic ruling that is derived from a particular incident, and the impact that a given event should have on our character or choice of deeds is indicated. Male or female, adult or child, scholar or commoner, businessman or laborer – all Muslims need to study the biography of the Messenger of Allah. In fact, the fulfillment of many of our Islamic duties hinges upon our knowledge of the Prophet’s life. For example, every Muslim should love the Prophet (S) yet how can one love him without knowing him. We were not alive when the Prophet (S) was preaching the message of Islam to the Quraish, so the only way we have left to become intimately acquainted with the Prophet (S) and consequently to love him, is to study his sayings and deeds, which give us partial glimpses of his life, or to study his biography, which fits the pieces of his life together, so that we can have an overall view of his ideal character. And how are we to follow the Prophet (S) if we do not know his sayings and deeds, or – which is more relevant to his biography – the context in which his sayings and deeds occurred. Thus we are all in dire need of acquainting ourselves with the life of the Prophet (S) Through the study of the Seerah (the Prophet’s biography), we are able to appreciate how the Prophet (S) was an ideal husband, ideal father, ideal leader, ideal ruler, ideal educator, ideal judge, and so on. So regardless of our situation and who we are, we benefit from studying the Prophet’s life. If one has dedicated at least some part of his life to inviting others to Islam (which makes him a Daa’ee – a word I will henceforward use one who invites others to the teachings of Islam), then the Prophet’s biography is for him an indispensable guidebook. Through studying the Prophet’s Seerah, the Daa’ee learns about the Prophet’s methodology for inviting others to Islam; furthermore, he learns about how the Prophet (S) dealt with those who refused to embrace Islam and how he ;t”,’ was patient when he was made to suffer at their hands, not to mention the countless other lessons and morals he learns from the Seerah. If one is an educator – of children at home or school, or of adults at a community level – one learns how the best educator mankind has ever known raised a generation of true Muslims, who went on to develop the most wonderful civilization that mankind has ever known. The early converts to Islam were educated in the world’s finest institution of higher learning – the House of Al-Arqam (the house wherein Muslims secretly met in the early days of Islam) – where the Prophet (S) taught them the Qur’an, Islamic beliefs, the manners of Islam, and so on. His students graduated with flying colors, becoming leaders and educators of the following generation of Muslims. If one is a leader, one learns true qualities of leadership from the Prophet’s Seerah, in terms of how the Prophet (S) was just; how he united the Muslims; how he (S) dealt with subversive elements of society, namely the hypocrites, who were headed by ‘Abdullah ibn Ubai ibn Salool; and how he (S) constantly strove for the betterment of the Muslim nation. If one is a scholar, one relies on the Seerah to understand the Qur’an, for the Prophet’s actions represent a practical application of the teachings of the Qur’an. Furthermore, the revelation of many Verses was prompted by actual events that took place during the Prophet’s lifetime; a scholar can only understand such Verses if he understands the events for which they were revealed. And in fact (as we will In Sha Allah see throughout this book) knowledge of all Islamic sciences – such as ‘Aqeedah (beliefs), jurisprudence, and Tafseer – hinges frequently upon knowledge of some aspect of the Prophet’s Seerah. If a Muslim inclines towards Zuhd (to abstain from worldly pleasures for the sake of Allah) he can learn, through the study of the Seerah, the difference between true Zuhd and extremism, for the correct way to live is the balanced life that the Prophet (S) and his Companions led. If a Muslim is afflicted by calamity, he can find consolation in the Seerah, for no one was afflicted with as much hardship as was the Messenger of Allah; beyond consolation, the afflicted person becomes encouraged to follow the example of the Prophet; and patiently await for his reward from Allah . In short, there are valuable lessons to be found in the Seerah for every single Muslim. Not just the Muslim individual, but also the Muslim nation as a whole needs to benefit from the lessons that are available in the Prophet’s Seerah. Nations rise and fall not through coincidence or through a set of arbitrary occurrences, but through universal laws that have been set in place by Allah . At least once in our history, Muslims have succeeded in building a wonderful and stable civilization, and that was during the lifetime of the Prophetand his rightly guided Caliphs; and even if Muslims prospered in later centuries, they never prospered as much as they did in the early golden years of Islam. Now we come back to the universal laws I mentioned above: The Prophet , and his Companions established a stable and prosperous nation not by chance, but by living in harmony with the said universal laws. What this means is that there is a pattern: If we want to now repeat the success that was achieved by the Muslims during the lifetime of the Prophet Oh, we need to be in harmony with the same set of laws, and in doing so, we have an ideal blueprint to follow – the lives of the Prophet (S) and his noble Companions ®.