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Found 1 result

  1. Islam And Fluoride !

    Assalam alaikum I've read this recently and want to share it with you: After coming across an article today I uncovered a groundbreaking link between Islam and Fluoride. (Oh dear!). Yep, it seems the good Prophet (Peace be upon him) was utilizing the same tactics as those evil NWOers that have been trying to kill you all off while simultaneously turning you into mindless drones with low sperm counts. Alternatively, one might consider this a pretty cool, natural way of cleaning one's teeth (But I posted it in skunk works for artistic freedom): Miswak The miswak (miswaak, siwak, sewak, السواك) is a teeth cleaning twig made from a twig of the Salvadora persica tree (known as arak in Arabic). A traditional alternative to the modern toothbrush, it has a long, well-documented history and is reputed for its medicinal benefits.[1] It also features prominently in Islamic hygienical jurisprudence. en.wikipedia.org... The Miswak twig is a popular tool for cleaning teeth (and other oral hygiene) used in the Arab world since before the times of Muhammed (Peace be upon him), although he did make it quite popular encouraging people to use it many times throughout the day. It's use is also reenforced in the hadiths (apparently). Salvadora Persica is in fact a small tree or shrub with a crooked trunk, seldom more than one foot in diameter, bark scabrous and cracked, whitish with pendulous extremities. The root bark is light brown and the inner surfaces are white, odour like cress and taste is warm and pungent. Chemically the air dried stem bark os S. Persica is extracted with 80% alcohol and then extracted with ether and run through exhaustive chemical procedures. This showed that it is composed of: 1. Trim ethyl amine 2. An alkaloid which may be salvadorine 3. Chlorides 4. High amounts of fluoride and silica 5. Sulphur 6. Vitamin C 7. Small amounts of Tannins, saponins, flavonoids & sterols Source A bunch of useful chemical can be found inside the curious twig, one of course, being fluoride. Study on fluoride levels found in the Miswak The highest F concentration at the approximal area was obtained after using the miswak impregnated in 3% NaF for 3 days compared with the other products (p < 0.05 or p < 0.01). To conclude, NaF-impregnated miswaks produced a rapid release of F in vitro as well as in vivo and may be an interesting vehicle for home care use for caries prevention in countries where they are used regularly.