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Miracle Or Something Only Allah Knows?

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Assalamo Alaikum,


My baby boy is about a month old now,

every time i say Asalamu alaikuma he laughs, smiles or just looks at me...

I could say many things and barely get his attention.

I thought it was just response to my voice..


But i decided to try other babys, i said Asalamu alaikuma to a baby threw a window on the bus while her mom was pushing the baby, and she turned her face towards me! smiling.


then i did the same several times and even the parents where surprised, i mean like from a distance they can not even hear me!


then i started getting closer where the parents did not catch me saying "Asalamu alaikuma" on the tips of my lips since they are not muslim and might act feel strange about it, and again, the babys smile or even laugh, and im talking about 2-3 week olds until 2 mon,ths at the oldest!


has anyone experienced this as well? i am seen babys respond also to al fatiha, ayat kursi, subhana Allah, allahu akbar and more that mention Allah or salam!


please let us know becuase its very interesting, maybe good for non muslims to see for themselves.

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wa alaikum assalam,


Hmm, interesting.


I know my friend, when his baby cries, he reads Quran, and he told me the baby will stop crying!!!


Allahu a3lam... but definitely... babies are better human beings :D



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salaam sister

i really didnt know this.....

but it is soooo sweet and beautiful...

im quite amazed actually... :D

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