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:sl: brothers and sisters


the best thing for muslims life is to listen at the stories of the prophets , and to ahadeeeth , and to anasheed at the end .


stories of the prophets ( PBUT ) are all in arabic , i dont know if you can find any of them online also

thats why i posted this thread ,


i have both speakers , Dr Tariq swaidan , and Sheik Nabeel

both have their own talent on presenting things and both are great.


i estimated the capacity for both speakers , its 12 GB , i think its possible to make it down to 4 GB .


on the other hand , for the ahadeeth , they are all taped so i guess if recording it through a mic an help .


i will list the great tapes soon ...


and 1 of the tapes is speaking about The End ( emiR Al mamar wa Ayn al Mafer )

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