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The Neuro-biology Of Shaitaan's Workings

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What is shaitaan/satan….?




The word originates from the root,"shatanaah" meaning "going further from truth/originality/reality"…




When iblees was ordered by Allah to show subordination to man by prostrating(sajdaa) to adam alaih assalaam, iblees denied it…




The Absolutely Merciful,Allah then pointed it's mistake to it and asked it,"do you deny my command"? and iblees answered,"you made me from fire/energy and him(adam) from mud/matter, insinuating that it(iblees) was superior to adam, so the Absolutely Merciful Allah reminded Iblees again, ' did you deny and are you exhibiting pride in your Creator's presence?'….but Iblees, instead of taking the hints and apologizing for it's conduct, went on to say, 'ok, allow me to mislead (adam and adma's progeny)astray like YOU mislead me through him' so that was when Allah the Absolutely merciful gave Iblees the title..'shaitaan'..the one who keeps going further from truth/originality/reality,


[1.denied it's Owner's command, 2. exhibited vanity in Allah's presence, 3.blamed Allah for it's own mistakes 4. overlooked/ignored/missed the fact that The Absolutely Merciful had pointed out it's errors to it to help it realize it's mistake/s]


and Allah compounded it's punishment by telling it/grading it/branding it 'rajeem' the discarded/culled/thrown away…




so shaitaan arrajeem means, 'the one who keeps distancing from truth and reality and is discarded/expelled/propelled further by Allah's decree'..(the above paragraph is quranic content,simplified in my own words)




Thus when we say, "aoo'zu billahi min ashaitaan arrajeem…we are saying "I seek refuge with Allah from the evil of the ' expelled one that continuously goes further from truth/reality '….




This is how our common enemy works.




Readers must remind themselves that the writer is one of their kind, and none of us is free from our enemy's access to our brains/hearts, no moment is access to our minds and hearts disallowed to shaitaan, except when one's lips are moving with zikr-Allah/rosary ( personal inference drawn from a hadeeth)..




So please when you read what follows, give me the same handicap/room for error as you do yourselves.




Shaitaan can not harm us physically, it uses our thoughts, and through them our emotions/sentiments to harm us….then through a human's sickened emotions it may cause physical harm to the other human/s (controlling the one with tarnished emotions as it's tool).




And it is clearly stated in the Quran that, (not accurately translated), "when a human is decided about breaching Allah's limits/laws, then Allah let's loose a shaitaan upon such a human,and that shaitaan takes that human further ,deeper into darkness"…




The major tools of shaitaan,against muslims(by definition those that do not intend breaching Allah's limits/laws) are:


as mentioned in hadeeth,


1. 'humm/worry' and


2. 'huzan/grief'




worry :as evident from the word, is always about the future instant,minute,hour,day,month year,generation.




And grief: as evident is always about the past, minute,day,year,episode,situation,result..




So in simple words, this .deviant from originality /truth acts by misleading us away from the given moment(here and now), into, either the mirages of future or the wastelands of the past




I f we pay attention around us, the root cause for all the greed/usury/anarchy,chaos,discord among muslims is 'HUMM/WORRY' of the future…and all the mistrust of each other, or abstract laws of nature/Allah due to grievances from the past...




…when a pimple starts erupting on our skin, it does not ask our permission , so the FACT is that we do not have control over our own skin, and worry of the next minute/day/year actually means that we are taking it for granted that everything/everyone else in nature will remain constant and our devised plan would manifest whatever results we wish for the next minute/day/year….




This is so so cogently expressed in the Quran,in surah al-ankaboot…..where Allah subhanohu v ta'la likens such human plans to the "residence/abode of a spider"..the cobweb…and Allah advises us, "v auhan albiyuot,bait al-ankabout"…and the weakest of abodes/shelters/refuges, is that of the spider….




It is worry of the future state/conditions of territory, bank balances, honor, and faith that cause all the pain,fighting,leg-pulling,bribing,cheating in every family, society,and among all warring cultures.




Or it is the grief over something in the past ….




Both these cause a surge of 'adrenaline' in our blood streams


Adrenaline is a hormone released in states of emergency and is often called the 'fight+ fear+flight/running away' hormone…..




It is present in all mammals…and thus is an animal hormone, meaning that it helps the normal dog/goat to fend for itself in times of urgency…




However in humans this hormone causes, an abrupt closure of higher human centres of the brain, centres that dictate compassion,mercy,kindness.generosity,patience, tolerance….by inducing a kind of tunnel vision in which only the focus of 'worry/grief' is visible and all other facets of surrounding life are invisible….




And the hormone,spreading through the blood stream effects each and every organ of the body,and the functions they perform…


In blood vessels, those to the kidneys get constricted and those to the arms and legs and the skin get dialted..so the poisons can no longer be removed from the blood and the arms and legs are engorged with blood ,ready to fight…


The increased blood flow to the skin causes the sweat glands to perfom more,making the body slippery for the enemy..


The hair stand on their roots exactly as a cat's do when it defends or suspects danger..


The heart beats more rapidly..


The insulin secretion ,that removes glucose from the blood is reduced so the blood would be rich in glucose content to provide the energy for fighting/swearing/attacking/running away…


The pupils dilate so that the enemy is more clearly visible..


The blood pressure rises and the person 'looks' exactly like the presentation above..




Humm/worry has reduced this person ,from human to a mammal state…




In competing for land,wealth,fame,office,power,or attention of the opposite sex,the same hormone acts the same way as described above…..(only in case of the attention seeking of the opposite sex, this cycle is accentuated by the masculine hormones, to make more aggressive, and the feminine hormones to make more conniving…. Some males may have an excess of feminine hormones, some females may have an excess of masculine hormones)...


.....but the mechanism remains the same as above..




However; it is evident from the biochemistry described above that the 'permission/decision' to veer into the future and worry about it comes from the person him/her- self




In the case of grief:


The hormone/neurotransmitter, serotonin in the brain is inhibited..such chemical environment in the brain is like a drought ..dry/arid /rainless weather over the entire mind and body, making the person feel absolutely meaningless, and valueless…then this valueless ness triggers the above mechanism as a defending/drowning man's last effort kind of strategy or the valueless-ness is projected by the 'feeling low' person onto all social/cultural/spiritual principles and the person sees all principles as valueless and rebels against them and for the rebellion, the mechaninsm defined above is used, or the dismay induced by the low self esteem, causes adrenaline levels to rise in the blood in response to the self-pity/fear…(again it is evident that for one to 'dip' into grief, one presses one's own hormonal buttons).




Either way, as mentioned in the hadeeth, "shaitaan runs with/in the blood";


Is visible.




…now add to this the environmental factors of varying cultural diktats…that train us to be 'arab' or 'pakistani' or 'american' or 'korean',




the masks that we are trained to apply to our real faces, masks like,'millionaire', 'general','diplomat', 'educated', 'doctor' 'patriot'..all masks that are basically meant to convey to the 'ever-competing'/thus 'ever fearful' {human nature + societal distortions} around us that ' I am better than you/most'…..




what do we have?




We have an easy playground for the shaitaan….




The trigger for 'competing with others is always pressed' , in fact some parents train their young ones to 'be the BEST ' which translated means, 'leave the others behind' or 'be alone and work hard to be alone' or 'you are alone'…;


actually bringing up a child on the nutrient called 'selfishness' and that child's selfishness will be first evident ..where?..


in the immediate surroundings? Yes …and


what are the immediate surroundings?


The parents ofcourse…


so the baseline levels of 'adrenaline' are always there, caused by the 'fear' inherent to the urge to compete/excel{as told by rasoolullah/prophet muhammad, Allah advises you to abstain from 'competing'}


and evidently ,this fear is of the future instant/moment/minute/hour, or remnant of some inappropriate suffering/perception of the past…the stimulus is never 'here and now'


…. ,shaitaan just has to direct the data entering our minds through our ears, and eyes, to that specific centre that enhances/accentuates the fear/desire to excel/compete and that is it…we are the machine that shaitaan rides.


So the only means of avoiding becoming a ride for the shaitaan is to remain cautious of :


1-the definitions of pleasant/unpleasant that our environment has fed our mental hard drives with…THE FACT IS THAT every arriving moment is a blessing..no matter how much hunger/temptation or pain/pleasure it brings with it because we feel the hunger/temptation or the pain/pleasure because we are alive and sensitive..we could have been a stone or a table and then we would not have them……so THE FACT REMAINS that every arriving moment is a blessing, but it is our hard drives, that the shaitaan manages to pollute by training us through the societal standards of pleasant and unpleasant…that mis-read the incoming data and label blessings as'unpleasant' or 'tiring' or 'taxing'




2- remain in the present moment…for shaitaan to have play over us it needs to distract our attention from this present available moment to the next or the past…and once we cross that line, we are its ride….




Exactly as rasoolullah said, "when a man is shouting in anger, the shaitaan rides his nose"…


if any brother /sister knows a hadeeth of how the shaitaan takes control when we are pitying ourselves (insinuating that the Aboslutely Merciful is not )…please add it to this post… salaam.

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JazakAllah khair, that really helped.


But, when you say


The major tools of shaitaan,against muslims(by definition those that do not intend breaching Allah's limits/laws) are:


as mentioned in hadeeth,


1. 'humm/worry' and


2. 'huzan/grief'


What hadeeth are you referring to?

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i read this hadeeth in an Islamic newspaper...daily..and the editor is a bigtime mufti, i remebered the quotation ,but not the sources...but since you asked, why dont you do all of us a favor and find out and then quote the source on this thread...please.



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jazak Allah Khair'n brother


after thinking in a logic matter , i see that most people are getting along with the shaitan because they think its easy the way he decorates it .


but people should have patience , when Allah puts hes path infront of us and we go to it :sl: the real thing is hard to convince the people what real use of ourselves and moving the the right path is.


so with the people who likes the shaitan logically i wish to tell them to go back to the right path.


i dont have any strong words of logic for the bad people because they will not understand either way .. i gave them simple meaning go to the right path .

and this is the only meaning that can clarify but if the shaitan have fed him alot i would certainly hear much swearing to me hehe.


ok but for this sentence go back to the right path ... if you want to know how deep of litreture is inside those words .. i can say it fills up a dictionary and your bad brain if you dont get it you will just instantly before you die and do you think forgiveness comes when your late ? .....


alhamdillah people will see past the shaitan's strategy tactics and territory that have grasped beyonds our cell's.

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