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Some beliefs don't deserve respect. Thinking a woman should be executed because she allowed children to name a child's toy "Mohammed" is one such belief. From what I've heard, many Muslims in Britain are condemning the calls for execution too. Certainly, Muslims who endorse such barbarism are an embarrassment to anyone who believes Islam should be a religion of peace.

It's more complex than that. The individuals who objected to the behavior of the schoolteacher saw it as a Westerner taking whatever opportunity that she could to disrespect Islam. When their perception of Western society includes Danish cartoonists who intend to disrespect Islam then I can understand their paranoia.

I'm sure that when the whole picture is presented, no one condones violence against a senior citizen schoolteacher who thought she was naming a bear after a child.

Nobody wants the muslims to clean up their religion more than non-muslims. I am not muslim but would love to see this faith first admit there is a massive problem with extremist then after admitting it find ways to clean it up. I would love to see a peaceful Muslim society but what I am seeing is the extremist side of the muslim faith taking over. Peaceful muslims all over the world are just rolling over and letting their religion get dragged through the mud by these extremist. Please clean up the muslim faith it is getting harder and harder to accept it

It is easy to look at the world from the Western perspective and believe that we are in the right and that extremists are only a problem in the Islamic religion. However, if you look at it from the opposite point of view it may look less like there is a problem with Islamic extremism globally and more of a problem with recurrent intervention from the West, and that extremism is a reaction to that intervention.


I'm sure more or less that these issues are political rather than religious, and those entities that wish to have an isolationist American policy use religion to manipulate to their political ends, rather than having religion be intrinsically violent.

There is nothing to fix in religion itself. People interpret in different ways, and it depends on them if they want to interpret it in the worng way, then they just do it. And if you think logically, christians are no better. The US killing innocent muslims in Iraq, then it was Afghanistan. Is this not a Terrorism? Why do so many people attach the name 'terrorist' to muslims only? Do you think A very big part of christian political leaders dont deserve such a name??

Why do we draw a line between the two?


I could argue that when the United States conducts a war, it is based on tactics that do not focus on civilian populations, or that there is a line drawn between what Americans would or would not do (would use violence to eliminate a repressive cartel, will not use nukes to glass over a country) whereas it seems terrorist networks have not limited their options in this manner


a "terrorist" is someone who tries to acquire his goals through fear. The United States has no need to do this.


So the reason we apply the term 'terrorist' to Muslim extremists is very similar to the reason that calling Muslim extremists 'imperialists' makes little to no sense.

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I think that is putting the cart before the horse.


You speak of a "rightfully Islamic nation" as though it is simple. You seem to believe that there is a unified belief in what an Islamic country should be, how it should be governed, and what its policies would be. The reality is, though, that the Ummah is not even close enough to being to unified to have "rightfully Islamic nation".


I think you are more muslim than you give yourself credit for.


Muslims today are still much to distracted about issues such as race (Arab/Persian), sects (Shia/Sunni), other religions (rampant hatred of Jews), and other things to even begin to be ready for an ideal Islamic nation. If a nation started by Muhammed himself could hardly make it a 100 years without corruption and civil war what makes anyone think that it could happen in todays world?


What is intresting here is that the influence to these divided groups, people think it is outside forces doing it, when actually it is from within.

Especially with more sellouts then at his (saaw) time.


The Muslim communities need to come together and decide what they stand for before one should even beging to talk of starting an "Islamic" nation. Do you want an Islamic nation in the mold of Saudi Arabia? How about the Taliban?


If it was started at this time each person who was named leader would be assasinated.


How can you build a rightfully Islamic nation when the builders cannot even agree on the blueprint?


Again you must be more muslim than you think.


What Muslims need to do is start making decisions. What does Islam stand for? Will Muslims act to stand up for this and help to fix the problems they have, or will they continue to bury their heads in the sand? I know some find it much easier to blame others (i.e US, israel, etc) for all their problems, or to simply explain away anything by saying "well, those people really weren't Muslims", deny that bad things are done by Muslims (9/11 conspiracy theorists), or worst of all make excuses for those that give Islam a bad reputation by killing in the name of Allah.


It is a shame so many distractions, but buying into them is more shameful.

Do Muslims want to be represented by the Bin Ladens, Sauds, Musharrafs and Arafats of the world? If not, then who do they think truly represents their beliefs?


some do for it will make them feel a little better.


I hear plenty of what Muslims are against in the news, but what are they for? Who are the true Muslims, the ones that want to live together with non-Muslims or the ones that say not to socialize with non-Muslims? The ones that condone or excuse bombing civilians or the ones that condemn them? The ones that look at each other as Pakistanis, Arabs and Africans or the ones that don't judge people based on their ancestors? The ones who believe in free press and that criticism should be allowed, or those that don't? The ones who believe in true religious freedom for non-Muslims or the ones that don't?


This is a very intresting point, but have you read about the restrictions non-believers have in a Islamic state at the time of the Prophet? If yes I like to hear your views.


Until these questions and a myriad of others are agreed upon by the vast majority of Muslims there will be no chance for a rightfully Islamic nation to exist.


There is a way to establish it without the consent of the many (there is intresting Shari àh about this point).


I have enjoyed reading this, may Allah (swt) help you realize who you really are and serve.

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