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Can someone breakdown Salah in it's pieces?

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Peace be with you all,


I am a Catholic Christian but I would like to know what are all the individual parts of your salah prayer at the different parts of the day and night? Could someone do that for me? Thank you.


Peace, Love and Blessings,

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Maranatha, are you asking the names and times of salah?

Well, the title of your post is a bit confusing.

If you want to know the names and times of salah, here it is. (from IOL)



Names and Times of the Five Prayers


The times of the Prayer are determined by the position of the sun. Thus the times vary from one place to another and from season to season. Most Muslims today refer to a Prayer schedule published by their local Masjid. You can also find the exact times of the Prayers online at islamicfinder.com.


It is best to pray right after the start of the time for the Prayer, but one may wait a bit to pray. The Prayer is considered on time if it is offered before the end of its time period. (See below.)


Fajr or Subh (Dawn Prayer) takes place before sunrise. At moderate latitudes, it begins approximately one hour and twenty minutes before sunrise and ends about ten minutes before sunrise.


Zhuhr (Noon Prayer) begins just after the sun has passed the meridian. It lasts until shortly before the ‘Asr Prayer begins.


‘Asr (Afternoon Prayer) begins when the length of the shadow of an object is equal to the object’s length plus the shadow’s length at noon. It ends about 10 minutes before sunset.


Maghrib (Sunset Prayer) begins immediately after sunset. At moderate latitudes, it ends before complete darkness approaches.


‘Isha’ (Night Prayer) begins, at moderate latitudes, when the sky is completely dark and ends just before the Dawn Prayer.





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