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someone narrated this to me yesterday, i wished to share it here...

"we ,the brothers and sisters got educated, and attained attractive, academic credentials, howewever our mom remained uneducated,and a pure mother...


she was only a mother,when we were grown up, sometimes we would visit


our parents, all the siblings would try being there at the same time.


On one such occasion,


we were having our meals squatting on wooden stools only about 4 inches high from the ground, when my mother dropped a piece of bread on the ground, while trying to put it


into her mouth...she quickly picked it off the ground and swallowed it...


our eldest siter, a doctor, started lecturing mom about germs and health and mom heard it all carefully and i recorded this incident in my memory, i usually felt sorry for my mom for her lack of education and finesse,,,,,


On still another occasion,the same thing happened, and then all of us(the siblings)lectured mom and even told her how dangerous it could be for her health..


.....today when i am sixty years of age myself, i look back at those occasions and realise,"MOM WASNT WORRIED ABOUT/scared of GERMS, SHE WAS WORRIED ABOUT/careful of HOW Allah THOUGHT OF HER ATTITUDE TOWARDS Allah'S BLESSINGS"


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Asalaam Alaykum Brother,


Jazak Allah Khair for sharing, a short and effective story!



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