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I Told My Family (finally!)

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Assalam alaykum


I am so happy to hear about your family accepting your reversion in to Islam :sl:


When i reverted 24 years ago it wasn't so easy for me... but of course that was a time when Islam was really in the negative. There was no internet etc at that time for my parents to investigate. They only had their priest... and of course he gave them a more negative answer about Islam. My mom was fine and so were some of my brothers.

My dad was the difficult one... but we did finally come together after two years.


Inshallah every thing will work wellfor you.



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asslamo alaykom

how are you sister monica

welcome to Islam

wish you are good everytime and all time

it is great event to do that

and it is a gift from Allah to made your family accept it

and convertion too is the most precious gift from Allah

nice to be our sister in Islam

nice to meet you here

asslamo alaykom

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