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Have We Lost Interest In Quran & Allah?

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Salam Alaikum


I say we have lost interest in Quran & Allah swt, that's why we are being treated like animals nowadays in the world, we muslims are getting killed everywhere, we muslims claim to be muslims, but do not follow what Quran & Sunna says, we says we obey Allah swt, but in private we dont obey Allah swt, we muslim claim to be good people, but at home we treat everyone disrespectfully and talk to them in a way which hurt them, we muslim say we fight for the sake of Allah swt, but in reality we just want to fight to be called hero, we muslim say we speak truth, but in private we know we speak lie and too scare to tell truth, because we might lose what we have, we muslim say we fear Allah swt, but infact we dont fear Allah swt, if we really did, we would have obey every command of Allah swt..


Are we the nation that is described by Prophet Muhammad PBUH below, that whoever lose interest in Quran and their work, Allah swt will remove His protection from that umma and will punish them. I say yes we are the nation which Muhammad PBUH prophecies, we muslims are inflicted with poverty, tyrant ruler etc..

Are we living under the protecting hand of Allah swt?.. I say no, at the moment we are not living, because we are the umma who is lost in this world because of our selfish desire and no interest in Quran and Sunnah.



Indeed Muhammad PBUH spoke the truth and truly is the messenger of Allah swt.


As a matter of fact, several Companions [Ashab] of Allah's Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace) have told me that this Community [umma] will remain beneath the hand of Allah, in His protective custody, but only as long as its Qur'an-reciters [qurra'] and its commanders [umara'] do not lose interest in their work, as long as its honest members [sulaha'] do not join the ranks of the lying scoundrels [fujjar], and as long as its best representatives keep the worst at bay. As soon as they reverse their positions, Allah (Exalted is He) will remove His protecting hand from them. He will smite them with poverty and want. He will fill their hearts with terror, and He will subject them to the rule of tyrants [jababira], who will make them suffer dreadful torment." He [al-Hasan al-Basri (may Allah bestow His mercy upon him)] also said: "What a bad servant [of the Lord] is he! I am speaking of a servant who fits the following description:


* He asks for forgiveness [maghfira], while he is actively engaged in sinful disobedience [ma'siya].


* He behaves in a humbly submissive manner, so that he may be credited with loyalty [amana], but he is only pretending, to hide his disloyalty [khiyana].


* He forbids what is wrong, but does not refrain from it himself [yanha wa la yantahi].


* He enjoins what is right, but does not act upon his own instructions.


* If he gives, he does so very stingily, and if he withholds, he offers no apology.


* If he is in the best of health, he feels secure, but if he falls sick, he becomes remorseful.


* If he is impoverished, he feels sad, and if he gets rich, he is subject to temptation.


* He hopes for salvation, but does not act accordingly.


* He is afraid of punishment, but takes no precautions against it.


* He wishes to receive more benefit, but he does not give thanks [for what he has received].


* He likes the idea of spiritual reward, but he does not practice patience.


* He expedites sleep [nawm], and postpones fasting [sawm]."



What should we do to be under the protective hand of Allah swt again?

I say we should follow Quran & Sunnah from heart, not by tongue.


What you think are we the nation who is not under the protective hand of Allah swt?


I think the hour is approaching, and please pray to Allah swt to not make us one of the hypocrites and to not make us forget Allah swt, ameen, if we did indeed we are loser in this world and hereafter, ..


He also said (Allah bless him and give him peace):


The worst of my fears for my Community [ummati] is every hypocrite [munafiq] with a clever tongue. By the One who holds my soul in His hand, the Final Hour will not come about until they find themselves subject to dishonest rulers, immoral ministers, treacherous assistants, iniquitous professors ['urafa'], dissolute Qur'an-reciters [qurra'], and ignorant servants. Allah (Exalted is He) will expose them to dark and murky intrigue, so they will experience a bewildering perplexity [tahawwuk], like that which afflicted the wrongdoing Jews [Yahud]. From that point on, Islam will unravel, knot by knot, until no one says: "Allah, Allah!"




Thanks for reading.. what i said might be wrong to you, but i feel what i said is right, because of what muslims experiecing nowadays..

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:sl: brother


Yes i believe the people who have no knowledge or misunderstanding of Islam will come to these mistakes , we must fix our Ummah by doing good , if i speak to 1 brother today in uni this is not enough but if i keep trying and striving my life studying and talking and talking about Islam , i am doing a good thing because maybe i have helped 4 , and by 4 years time it will be 4 million .


the process works if we do something from now , i believe every person who thinks like me think their isnt alot of people who doing dawah/ or / fixing other muslims . i say we are alot but everyone hide himself from the Superior Commanders of the lands, however some get caught from these superiors and we then are put in jail and jailll jail is a good place for muslims he can have more thkr then he used to :j: hes deeds will rise . hes iman will be better so we charge rather then cry in jail we charge!!


so alhamdillah we are doing jihad :D and thanks for the post brother again :no:

i have obtained many things from your post that i wasn't paying attention to .

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Assalaamu `alaykum


Jazakum Allahu Khayran for the thought-provoking post. Subhaan Allah, time will stay long enough for anyone who will use it. I humbly feel that sincerity is the most important back up for any knowledge-seeking, speech and action. And knowledge is what benefits, so when knowledge is acted upon with a sincere intention of pleasing Allah, seeking his aid and reward for both worlds, then it has benefited the believer and made him pious.


We need to change the state within ourselves and help each other in the same light - want for our brothers and sisters what we want for ourselves, subhaan Allah, imagine the strong bonds formed between us if we master this? And then comes the Help of Allah:


Allah hath promised such of you as believe and do good works that He will surely make them to succeed in the earth as He caused those who were before them to succeed; and He will surely establish for them their deen which He hath approved for them: and that He will change their state, from the fear in which they lived, to one of security and peace. (24:55)

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salaam brother, i am tallking about myself here, i agree that most of what you wrote describes me...thnakyou for enlightening me,and please pray for me...salaam.

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Assalamu Alaikum, MashaAllah a very thought provoking post, may Allah bless you for bringing up the point.


Now a days, there are so many Qur'aan Study Circles/Halaqas going on, so many discussion groups about the Qur'aan and Allah and Islam going on, I don't think people have lost interest in the Qur'aan and Allah, rather they are very much interested, Muslims as well as Non Muslims both, In my 51 years of life this is the first time I am witnessing how people are running to gain knowledge of Islam, learn the Qur'aan with it's translation, trying to understand it in depth, and then it stops there for more than 90% of the people and unfortunately that includes me. Once we have gained some knowledge it is obligatory on us to put that knowledge into practice otherwise we would be like a mule that is carrying hundred of tonnes of knowledgable books on it's back.


What good is knowledge if it is not benefitting us or anyone else?? When we put something we have learnt into practice, then our attitude changes we become more humble and Allah will put effect of our words into our own as well as the hearts of people. Right now we are nothing but just mouth pieces, whereas the hearts are hard, so how can we reach out to anyone, we can't even reach out to our own children. Our situation is very sad, whether we want to accept it or not.


We are taking things that Allah is responsible in our hands. Whenever I hear someone say, we should teach people how to be good Muslims, we should teach them about Islam, I wonder how are we going to do that, because nothing happens without the will of Allah, not even a leaf moves without the order of Allah, so how will we change people's ways. It is our duty to learn, practice and convey the message through our words and actions, and then make duaa to Allah to help us keep our Emaan and Sincerity and use us as His guides. Allah is the one to change the hearts. Our duty is to convey the message with sincerity because Allah has made it our duty.


Our downfall will begin as soon as we think that we know something, and so it makes us something superior. As Muslims we should share what Allah has blessed us with; rather than I know I'm a Muslim, and so I know right from wrong, so now I will teach others and bring them on the right path.


May Allah guide us all on the right Path, ameen.


Assalamu alaikum.

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Jazakallu Kheirun all of you for such enlightening discussion and posting those hadiths and verses! I am deeply moved! Jazakallah!

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