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It Jobs?

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But when you consider that everyone and their brother goes into the tech

field when there is nothing else that can do (such as the paper MCSE's, new

college and tech school grads, etc) and then you take technology advances

that require less resources to manage and maintain, add to that some

outsourcing to slave labor countries like India and China, then throw in

some corporate chief officer greed. Oh, not to mention that in many cases

it has become cheaper to replace/reimage equipment than it is to

troubleshoot and problem solve (meaning any monkey can throw a network boot

disk in a PC to reimage it) you basically have one thing left. I dead,

dried up, over saturated job market that will NEVER EVER RECOVER!!! You IT

hopeful wishers need to get that through you heads. IT WILL NEVER COME BACK


IT Workers are about as common and require as much skill as a fricken

burger flipper sans 2-3 intelligent ones at the top that manage all their

shaved monkeys and makes sure they boot disks have the correct NIC drivers

on them.


There! I said it! Now deal with it!



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err point is what exactly?


did someone get fired from their IT job? this individual sounds angry :@


hha.. :D

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