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my IP Address missing yesterday

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Asalaamo aleykum,


Strangely, yesterday from around 7 in the morning till 3 afternoon, my IP didnot work anymore. I couldnot access the internet at all, then when I finally re-install and worked it out, I saw here the announcements of the hacker and all you about IP adresses.... :D very scary !!!! Inshallah it had nothing to do with eachother ?? :P

I called my provider and he said it is impossible to " hack " my IP for "blablablabla" it changes every time I turn on the pc ( you can read I am no expert with pc things...)


Well, I am glad this hacker is gone again...and Inshallah he didnot do any ( much) damage... :D


waleykum assalaam,

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this was the latest from bro dot


IF has been hacked by member: vua_aicap. He/she managed to get hold of my password, then changed it, together with my email, to block me, then proceeded to change a few forum names. I was not around at the time, but alhamdo l'Ellah dropped in minutes ago, before more harm was inflicted here.

I'm not sure if that person would stop here. I'll check back later.

Let's pray that he/she is guided by Allah to spend time in a better way.


but the hacker has been back since, Insha'Allah we'll continue to stop him! :D

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