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1st And Only Muslim Cashback Shopping Site

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Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,


We are very happy to pronounce the full launch of IslamiCompare dot com


This is the 1st and ONLY cashback shopping site dedicated to the muslim community. If you are unaware of cashback sites, well, they are legitimate online shops that give the user money to shop. The way this is done can be found through this link: Islamicompare dot com / howitworks dot php


The idea is to build an online shopping community for muslims, giving them £5 to join up, paying them to shop, giving them another £5 to refer other people and to top it all off, we will give 10% of our profits to Islamic causes and charities. So in one sentence: The more you shop through our site, the more money goes back into the muslim community!


It really is a novel idea and we are still working on the site, so queries and questions are welcome. If you are from the UK, we encourage you to sign up and then refer your friends and family (so you will earn more) and to spread the word. If you are from the US, please visit ######Islam-finance(contact admin if its a beneficial link).


You may also wish to add us via facebook as well: Islamicompare


I look forward to your comments, negative or positive, and we would be grateful if you could give our site a review, be it on here or in your website/blog if you have one. Remember, if you write or link to us in your blog, be sure to have a link which contains your referral ID. If anyone then signs up through your ID, you'll get another £5! :sl:


Jazakallah Khairan,




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