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Are You Worried?

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I sometimes listen to Christian radio, and their basic stance is ANTI-environmental.

Take global warming; if you think the planet has been created for your benefit by God, taking a long term view makes no sense.

On the other hand, if you correctly understand that we are just one species and we are playing a role in an ecosystem, you're going to be more careful.


It's no surprise that a Christian idiot like Bush is so bad for the planet. He has no clue about perspective.


I post this topic with the hope of hearing a Muslim voice on the subject.

Are you worried about Global Warming? And why?




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Welcome to the forums.


To answer your question, in Islam we are told to do everything in moderation and not to waste natural resources. We are also told to be kind to animals and not to be cruel to even an ant. We are all created by God and we should respect each other.


Now taking global warming into consideration.. why is it occuring? Excessive Co2 emissions and other green house gasses that trap the sunlight thereby increasing the local temperatures to above normal right? Mostly.. well why did it occur? Because some decades ago a lot of big corporations set up production factories in less developed nations and started mass manufacturing in an enormous scale with little regard to the pollution it would to do the environment. We are now paying for the mistakes of decisions made in the past.


Well Islam, as I mentioned earlier, tells us to be mindful of the natural environemnt. We are all held accountable for our own actions. So when everyone will die they will be questioned over his or her deeds.


The question am I worried about Global Warming.. Yes personally. I've tried to answer you from an Islamic perspective. If you see the christian religion, it is altered and this is yet another example of where initially divine religion was altered by man to suit his need.


I hope someone will better clarify your question.



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Thanks for the response.


So you believe that if we screw things up, then we will pay?


Because, like I say, the Christians are hiding behind Yahweh, expecting Him not to let anything bad happen. You agree that this is naïve and foolish, yes?

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I hav very little to say about the topic, but i hope i can express my feelings wholefully:

I belive that we are all going to die one day, and that, as long as we have been righteous muslims and/or good people death or the end of the world should not worry us, we should be grateful for the lives of our families and our ancestors, and, of course, our own!

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