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New Upgrade

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Dear members


We've just upgraded our forum to the latest release, version 2.0.4, which is an IPB Security Update.

A new version, 2.1, is currently in the making. Insha'Allah we'll upgrade as soon as a stable release is available. Here are some of the exiting new features in the new upcoming version:

New Feature: WYSIWYG Editing


IPB 2.1 insha'Allah will come with Rich Text Editing capabilities (also known as WYSIWYG). This editor, which works in IE 5.5+, Mozilla and Firefox (Safari is being worked upon) makes it much easier to generate posts which require a lot of formatting.

To enable rich text editing, make sure you're logged into the board as a member. Click on "My Controls" and click on "Board Settings".

This is a per-user option.


The standard editor has been recoded to look like the rich text editor for consistency.


New Feature: Topic Rating


IPB 2.1 can now let you rate topics. This can be enabled on a per-forum basis and we can enable rating on a per-group basis. We can also allow our members to change their rating (on a per-group basis, also).


New Feature: Multiple Polls


IPB 2.1 insha'Allah will let you create multiple question polls. The IF administrator can set the maximum number of allowed questions and the maximum number of allowed choices per question. The poll form utilizes javascript to enable you to manage your poll without the need to refresh the page. You'll notice that there no longer appears to be a "Add Poll" button. When creating a new topic you can optionally create a poll at the same time. Editing the first post in a topic with a poll lets you edit the poll (when allowed) or to delete the poll (where allowed)

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New Feature: In-line editing


Moderators insha'Allah will be able to edit a topic's title simply by double clicking the topic's table cell. This changes the topic title into a little text box. Clicking away from the text box updates the topic title and saves the edit. All without refreshing the page!


New Feature: PM Notice


IPB 2.1 has a new style PM notice. When you have a new PM, you'll notice a semi-transparent box in the bottom left hand corner of your browser. You can drag this to any point on the screen and IPB will show the PM notice box there from then on. You can click the "1/2" link to cycle through your PMs without leaving the screen.

New Feature: Get New Posts


When you click "Get New Posts" in the board header, insha'Allah you'll be provided with an instant review of them without the need to leave the page you're on. This is a very handy feature for IF members, and will auto-update on each click!

New Feature: Member Name Auto Complete


When you compose a new PM, typing three characters or more into the "Recipients" box will bring up a list of possible matches. You can use your cursor keys to scroll through them, or your mouse or simply continue typing and the list will update until you click away from the name box.

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