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Assassination Of Umar

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Asalmu Aliakum bro,


I know that Umar was assassinated by a dagger with a slave involving a dispute. I was hoping you could tell me wht that dispute was. Jazakair'Allah

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:D brother!


I am sorry for the delay as I have been extremely involved in another forum where a group is spreading fitnah.


The Assassination of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab


'Amr ibn Maymoon narrated:


"I saw Omar ibn Al-Khattab in the city of Medina a few days before he was attacked…I was standing next to Omar ibn Al-Khattab with only Abdullah ibn 'Abbas between us the morning of his assassination. Before the prayer Omar ibn Al-Khattab walked between the prayer-rows saying: 'Straighten the rows.' After the rows were straightened he then moved to the front of the Masjid and began the prayer by saying.


In the first round of prayer he recited Chapter Yusef (Joseph) or Chapter An-Nahl or something similar (to those two Chapters in length) so that the people may have time to join the prayer. When he was about to say Allah-u-Akbar (Allah the Greatest) again, in order to move into the position of ruku', I heard him saying: 'He has killed me!'


The assassin then attempted to flee, stabbing everyone he passed by- on his right or his left- with a double bladed knife until he had stabbed 13 men, seven of whom died. One of the Muslim men who witnessed (the attack) threw a hooded cloak over the assassin who then killed himself thinking that he had been captured.


Omar took the hand of Abd-Ar-Rahmaan ibn 'Awf and moved him forward in order that he might lead the remainder of the prayer. Whoever had been praying in the front rows behind Omar saw what I saw, but those in the back of the Masjid were unaware of what happened except that they did not hear Omar's voice and they were saying: 'Glory be to Allah, Glory be to Allah.' So (after that) Abd-Ar-Rahmaan led the people in a short prayer.


When the people departed Omar ibn Al-Khattab said: "O Ibn Abbas! Find out who has attacked me."


After some time he (Ibn Abbas) returned to the Masjid and said: "It was the slave of Al-Mughira ibn Shu'bah (who attacked you)."


Omar ibn Al-Khattab inquired: "The craftsman?" He (Ibn 'Abbas) replied: "Yes." Omar ibn Al-Khattab said: "May Allah curse him! I did not treat him unjustly. All praise is for Allah Who has not caused me to die at the hand of someone who claimed to be a Muslim.â€â€¦


Then Omar was carried to his house and we went along with him. The people were as if they had never suffered a calamity before. Some of them said: "Do not worry (he will be alright soon)." And some said: "We are afraid (that he will die)." Then a drink made from dates was brought to him and he drank it but it came out (of the wound in) his abdomen. Next, milk was brought to him and he drank it but it also came out (of the wound in) his abdomen so they (the people) knew that he would die.



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We went to him, and the people came praising him. A young man came saying: "O chief of the believers! Receive the good tidings of Allah to you due to your companionship with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and your superiority in Islam which you know. Then you became the ruler (i.e. Caliph) and you ruled with justice and finally you have been martyred."


Omar ibn Al-Khattab (mAph) replied: "I wish that all of these privileges will counterbalance (my shortcomings) so that I will neither lose nor gain anything."


When the young man turned back to leave, his clothes seemed to be touching the ground. Omar said: "Call the young man back to me." (When he came back) Omar (mAph) sad: "O son of my brother! Lift (shorten) your clothes for this will keep your clothes clean and save you from the Punishment of your Lord."


Omar further called his son: "O Abdullah ibn Omar! See how much I am in debt to others."…


Omar then said (to Abdullah): "Go to 'Aisha (the Mother of the Believers) and say: ' Omar sends his salutation to you. But do not say 'The Chief of the Believers' because today I am not the Chief of the Believers. And say: ' Omar ibn Al-Khattab asks the permission to be buried with his two companions (the Prophet and Abu Bakr).'"


Aisha said: "I had the idea of having this place for myself, but today I prefer Omar to myself."…


Then Hafsa came with many other women walking with her. When we saw her, we went away. She went in (to Omar) and wept there for some time…


The people said (to Omar): "O Chief of the Believers! Appoint a successor." Omar said: "I do not find anyone more suitable for the job than the following persons whom the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) had been pleased with before he died."


Then Omar mentioned Ali, Othman, Az-Zubair, Talha, Sa'd and Abd-Ar-Rahmaan (ibn 'Awf) and then he said: "Abdullah ibn Omar will be witness to you, but he will have no share in the rule...â€


Omar died in the first week of Muharram, 24 A.H., and was buried by the side of the Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) and Abu Bakr As-Siddiq.


In Islam, history is not important. We care more for the performance of the deen. What we have in history is what has been narrated by those present, as in this case.



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