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The Jewels Of The Qur’an-al-ghazali’s Theory

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1. The Quran’…n is like an ocean which covers various types of jewels and valuables 19

2. The aims of the Qur’…n and its valuables are of six kinds 21

3. An explanation of the six aims of the Qur’…n 23

4. Branching off of all sciences from the ten divisions of the Qur’…n, and an explanation of grades of sciences 34

5. Stemming off of the sciences of the ancients and the moderns from the Qur’…n 45

6. The meaning of the statement that the Qur’…n comprises red brimstone, greatest antidote, strongest musk, and all other valuables and jewels 49

7. Why the entities of the invisible world are explained in the Qur’…n by means of similitudes from the visible world 53

8. Comprehension of the connection between the invisible world and the visible world 56

9. The allegories of red brimstone, greatest antidote, strongest musk, aloe-wood, corundum, and pearls 59

10. The benefit of employing allegories in the Qur’…n 62 [p.7]

11. Variance in the excellence of Qur’…nic verses 64

12. Secrets of the S™ra of the Opening, and how it comprises eight of the ten valuables of the Qur’…n 66

13. The Sâ„¢ra of Opening is the key to all doors of Paradise 73

14. Why the Verse of the Throne is considered the chief of the Qur’…nic verses 75

15. Why the value of the S™ra of Sincerity is equal to that of a third part of the Qur’…n 79

16. Why the S™ra of Y… S†n is the heart of the Qur’…n 81

17. Why the Verse of the Throne is regarded the chief of the Qur’…nic verses. Why the S™ra of Opening is the best of all s™ras 82

18. The condition of the Gnostics 84

19. The reason for stringing the jewels and the pearls of the Qur’…n on two separate strings 87



1. The jewels of the Qur’…n 89

2. The pearls of the Qur’…n 156


Why the discussion of Qur’…nic verses has been confined to the classes of jewels and pearls 224



General Index 230

Index of Qur’…nic s™ras and verses 240-244



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