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Islam And Human Rights

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Islam is against Human Rights


Article 18 of UDHR guarantees individuals rights to choose/change his/her religion. “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.â€


Quran, however, takes away the freedom or belief from mankind and says, “whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers.†(Q. 3:85)


In Islam, no Muslem has the right to change his/her religion if he/she is born into a Muslem family. Leaving Islam and converting to another religion is apostasy which is punishable by death.


Clearly Islam is incompatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on many grounds. I look forward to your educated responses.




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God is the master of this whole universe, so he can choose whichever religion he wishes to accept and refuse whatever he wishes; he has no partner to consult and no superior to answer to. Muslims believe that Islam is the religion that God chooses just as Christians believe that Christianity is the religion God choose and Jews believe Judaism…etc. That is the whole point of religion; you follow it because you believe it is the religion God chooses.


As for humans, if you are not Muslim, you can pick whatever religion you want, we as humans do not have the right to tell you what to believe, that is quite clearly stated in Islam and no one can say otherwise.


As for Muslims, well, if he is Muslim then he is part of the Muslim community and Islamic rules prevail, I am sure non-Muslims do not agree with Islamic beliefs, if they did they would become Muslims wouldn’t they? So agreeing or disagreeing is not the issue here because it is not their business and Muslims, as per the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" have the right to their religion no matter what it is.


Maybe the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" is not quite so universal since Muslims disagree with it in this matter - keep in mind that Muslims constitute a quarter of the world population, which is rather a considerable part. Actually, maybe it is not universal at all, I mean, did God declare it?

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who r the people who constituted the UDHR, the ones who spread real terrorrism in the hearts and lands of people and still call themselves peace makers....


i dont agree with that declaration....


Allah made one declaration and that is binding on all, muslims follow it and non-muslims dont.... and i am among those who will stick to the declaration of Islam till my last breath escapes my lips Allah willing



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Dear Bashardost. Islam is the most caring and loving of all religions though some of Mankind like to look beyond this matter and create a small stone into a mountain.


Within an Islamic State Non-Muslims can walk around freely without being oppressed. They can worship whom they want and what they want without being attacked.

Just look at us Muslims living under Non-Muslim rules. We are attacked on the street, oppressed at work and education, spat on by people, arrested if we say something wrong. I see this 1000 times worse than what you have stated.


So why is a Muslim killed if he leaves Islam?

First of all under Islamic Rules all Muslims are educated under the Islamic ruling and principle. Islam makes sense when it comes to the worship of one God when compared to all other religions. So for one to say "I have left Islam" would be a result of something "Evil". Yet, even under these circumstances he/she is not killed instantly and is given chances.

Why would a person leave the worship of one God, to worship a Human or another form of creation? There would be no logical explanation except that he/she has another "hidden" agenda.


Many "Muslims" before left Islam to cause corruption and to ally with those out to destroy Islam because of the temptation of wealth and gold.


Islam is the most tolerant religion. Islam is the only religion that brings a person to the worship of one God alone, to love Him as one, to praise Him as one, and to submit oneself to Him alone. Is there anything better than that?

So therefore the reasons for one to leave Islam would be for other "hidden" things.





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Educated responses ?! What sounds logical to you, may not covney same meaning, impression to me. Btw, one need not to be educated to see the right and wrong, but wise. Wisdom comes from "FEAR FOR GOD", this is Islamic attitude.


This whole issue can be seen thro two persepctives.


One, Islam is wrong, corrupt and the religion of Arab pagans.


Other, Islam is the only universal truth, CHOSEN by GOD ALMIGHTY and anything else is in deviation.


If you take the case of first perspective, it is obvious that what Islam says is wrong. Since it is wrong. Its stand on HUMAN rights issue in compliant with UHR decleration has no effect watsoever on its credibility to claim it is THE RIGHT religion. So, lets not waste time.

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As for the second case, If Islam is the only right religion and Allah is the lord of the worlds. Are you really trying to question HIS will to perish the ppl HE Will ?!


Even we take it for granted, look at the man who is going out of Islam, which is right religion. He was fortunate to born into the family of believers. He was fortunate to have exposure of Islam, even before he realize what is right and what is wrong. He was fortunate to study and contemplate without any influence by his parents ( At some muslim home, fathers are worst believers than their sons).


He was bestowed with GOD's mercy , knowledge and showered with blessings, but what did he choose ?! darkness, evil, corruption,arrogance, disobedience, vanity, pride, wealth and longevity of this live. That means he chose to live this world, even after he was told that this is perishable. He chose not to meet the Lord.


Who is more worse than this gentleman ?! It is not simply he failed to acknowledge the blessings of the lord, but he chose to rebuke, fun, deny the authority and sovereignity of lord. Tell me how good is forgiving this gentleman ?! What is the proof, he would stick to his new found belief , materialism ?! These ppl are like unto parasites, they live on as long as it feeds fodder to the evil of their souls.


Any good came from Allah and all the bad from me.



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