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The Importance Of Controlling Your Anger

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The importance of controlling your anger



28 December 2007



OVER the recent Eid Al Adha holidays, I witnessed a very unfortunate event. Two men became embroiled in a street brawl over something as ridiculous and petty as a parking space! One of the men was really muscular but was remaining calm in the face of this really slender guy screaming at him because he supposedly ‘stole’ the parking space.



But the muscular guy’s patience was wearing thin and finally he manhandled the slender guy and pushed him hard against the hood of his own car. They continued to fight each other until another man intervened and reminded them that it was Eid and that they should be more patient.


The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) warned us against anger in several authentic hadiths. In one, instance a man came to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and asked for advice. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “Do not get angry.†The man repeated his question several times and the response was the same. “Do not get angry.†(Bukhari)


As with everything in our lives, Islam gives us the tools we need to succeed in this world. Anger is a harmful beast that can be tamed in all of us. It is simply a matter of having the mindset to implement these tools when anger flares up.


The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) gave some very beneficial advice for controlling anger: “If one of you gets angry when he is standing, let him sit down, and if that does not take away his anger, then let him lie down.†(Abu Dawood)


There is also an immense reward for being patient and forgiving when others seemingly trespass on our property or sensibilities.


The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: “Whoever controls his anger at the time when he has the means to act upon it, Allah will fill his heart with contentment on the Day of Resurrection.†(Saheeh Al Jaami)


The only cure for anger is to take preventative measures to control it. Brute force, muscles, strength and fortitude are not the things that make us strong. Strength lies in being able to control our emotions for the sake of Allah and our fellow men. This is a lesson that most of us should have learned in kindergarten classes, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.â€



Sumayyah Meehan is a Kuwait-based American writer who embraced Islam.



Khaleej Times (editorials dated 28 Dec 2007)

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a good reminder ...

:sl: keep it up

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Salam all,

I remember hearing a hadith about this and even though i cant remember the exact words it was about how the stronger person is not the person who would beat the other in a fight but the person who can keep control of his anger. I think muslims around the world have to remember that Islam is a religion of peace and not of war.

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Salam alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhum


The Parking Incident reminds me of my own anger in the past. I was the girl with the shortest temper ever, Though i was slender always, yet i would beat up the best person, not carinbg if i would be hit in return (I was liek taht till age 14. Then i was asked to control my anger alot, and since i used to gove Islamic talks here and there thus i was strictly asked to control my aggressiveness.

It took me 5 years, and at age 20 at last I have gained control Alhmadulillah that i at least nevr hurt the next person at least, I keep quiet and drink water.

The bad part is .. I usually crash the glass after drinking water, so i remove the anger on my self ..


Please make dua that i am able to control it even more.... Allahumma Aameen


jazak Allah khair

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