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Please Read First!

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Members can start new topics to upload images related to any Islamic subject in this forum. Please notice that this section of IF is not a discussion forum. Your post should only include:

    1- an image
    2- a comment or description of that image.

reply only to topics only if you have image(s) to add to those topics.

If you need to discuss any of those images that others have posted, please use our 'Gallery Discussions' sub-forum, giving a link to the image you're discussing.


Using the button to post linked images from other websites is not allowed, and will be deleted. Post images only by uploading them from your computer, using the 'Browse' button, under the posting text entry box, under 'File Attachments'.


* Allowed images are: gif, jpeg, jpg, png

* Image maximum file size allowed is: 100KB

* Please optimize your images for the web (minimum file size) before uploading them.

* Newbies to IF need at least 50 post count to be able to use the upload file attachments feature.

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