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"if Refuters" Group

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:D wr wb


i noticed that somebody on this forum had "IF refuters" next to where it says Group under their username... could Uncle dot or somebody else please explain what this means?


how would somebody fall into this category?

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Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu,


Two brothers (Jibrael, Yousuf and others I believe) have been given the moderating jobs of being IF refuters. They are in charge of moderating the section on IF which states ‘refuting non-Muslims’ as they have understanding on how to answer. They are also familiar with the religion and hold knowledge on it (Allahu’alim). Their jobs are to ‘refute’ simply, as the title states just like you have IF guardians. These two brothers also moderate other forum sections. You’d have to be asked by amu Dot for the position in order to fall into this category. I hope to a certain extent I have answered your question.

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