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I wear a taweez around my neck.It it silver.It contains ayatul kurzi in the taweez.It is a quranic taweez.Am i allowed to wear this taweez according to Islam.Plz let me know as soon as u can and provide proofs from the holy quran if relevant.Thanks.

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Guest amani



:D this answers your questions..


Question: Wearing amulets containing Quranic verses are allowed by some scholars but prohibited by others. Those who prohibit these things say that it is just like seeking refuge with other than Allah who is our only Protector. What is the truth about this matter? Is it really a form of polytheism?


Answered by Sheikh Humûd al-Harbî


There is nothing in Allah’s book or in the Sunnah that permits the wearing of any part of the Qur’ân on one’s body or hanging verses of the Qur’ân about the place. It was not a practice of any of the Companions, though they were the staunchest followers of the Prophet (peace be upon him).


Most of the Successors forbade this practice as well. Ibrahîm al-Nakhi`î said: “They disliked all kinds of amulets whether they were extracted form Qur’ân or not.†Therefore, the practice of wearing the Qur’ân should be avoided.


However, wearing the Qur’ân in this way does not classify the one who does so as a polytheist. Prayer is also lawful behind people who do this or believe in the permissibility of doing so. The Qur’ân is the speech of Allah and as such, it is one of His attributes.


Some of the scholars permitted wearing passages of the Qur’ân such as Sa`îd b. al-Musayyib, `Ata’ and others.


Wearing amulets other than the Qur’ân is another matter. It is definately a form of polytheism and a form of reliance on other than Allah.


And Allah knows best.


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The scholars of the Standing Committee said:


The scholars are agreed that it is haraam to wear amulets if they are made with anything other than Qur’aan, but they differed concerning those that are made with Qur’aan. Some said that it is permissible to wear them and some said that that is not permissible. The view that it is not allowed is more likely to be correct because of the general meaning of the ahaadeeth, and so as to prevent the means that may lead to shirk.

Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah, 1/212


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Basically, there is a difference of opinion amongst the scholars about whether wearing an amulet with verses of quran is permitted....This difference goes back to the scholars among the Sahaabah and Taabi’een and those who came after them, differed as to whether it is permissible to hang up amulets which only contain words from the Qur’aan or names and attributes of Allaah. Non quranic amulet are clearly shrik and should not be worn.


Some prominent scholars permitted the wearing of quran verses, and considered it part of Ruqya, this includes ibn Qayyim himself quotes various Ta’wizes (see Zad al-Ma’ad, 3/180).


Only advise I can give is read the following links and make you mind up, either way......the following links gives a COMPREHENSIVE EXPLANATION off the above I mentioned briefly on wearing of taweez, using sources from the quran and hadith so I recommend it highly:


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ma sallam

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What about...




Faqeeh Muhammad Zamani had a severe fever. His Ustaad Faqeeh Wali Muhammad came to pay him a visit. He gave him a ta'weez(amulet) and advising him not to open it, he departed.

As soon as he wore it, his fever disappeared. He became curious. So he opened it and found "Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem" written in it. This made him lose his confidence in the ta'weez. So his fever returned.

He went back to his Ustaad and offered his apology and asked for another ta'weez(amulet). The Ustaad gave him another one. He wore it and his fever again disappeared. He opened it after a year and again, to his surprise, found "Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem" written in it. By this time he was cured and his yaqeen in "Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem" grew tremendously.



...so basically the taweez/amulet works and it is there for a purpus, by having divine scripture you are protected from evil or misfortune ?

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