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Asalamu Alaikum


I've had this thought lately, and I would just like to clear up any misconceptions.


I have been told, on numerous occasions, a woman is not allowed to wear make up (cosmetics) and apply perfume when she goes out the home. In her own home, near her husband(s) and close family it is ok, but not permitted when she leaves the home I have been told.


However, today I see many sisters adorning the hijab. That itself is good alhamdulillah, and may Allah make all Muslims sisters like that, but I have also noticed that these sisters who wear the hijab, also splash on quite a bit of make up.


Is this allowed?


I see it like a chemistry equation back in high school where the deed of wearing the hijab, cancels out and equals the deed of wearing make up (which I have been told is not allowed - haraam.)


Question: Is make up allowed in Islam for women to wear when going out the home?


It also comes to mind, the sisters who apply ounces of make up, might just wear the hijab as an extra bit of make up - as we all know, the hijab has become quite a fashion accessory for women these days. Allah forbid.


Insha Allah someone can help clear any misconceptions. Fatwa's and quotes from Scholars of all fiqhs are welcome.



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i'm not sure but i dont think it's allowed..i mean..what's the point of wearing a hijab if you're going to have tons of make up on..isn't that going to attract guys as well?..make up and everything like that is only allowed for your husband..

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