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Dreams (0_o)

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Lately ... i have been feeling really strange. Everytime i go back to sleep after Suhoor ... i end up having some of the weirdest and most bizarre dream .... i have read that dreams are of various types .... some as a sign of the upcoming future ... some that your sub conscious just made up .... but i really tend to get confused with whats going to happen and whats not ....


I always end up dreaming about the future .... and at times i am really scared because what i saw is really going to be true ... wheter good or bad :D


But lately i have started to see SCI- FI dreams .... sniff sniff ... whats those suppose to mean ???


Today i had a dream about the DAWN OF THE DEAD .. with a twist ... that the zombies were able to clone themselves so as to form one of you .... sniff sniff ... me was the hero ... with my Shot gun ... Whipping Zombie butt ....


Instantly ...i saw another dream ... where my G.F ... is like a psycho and hell bent on killing me for breaking up with her ... and i eventually get Shot to death :D


Now she and I had a Bad History ... THe more I try to forget her ... the more she comes in my DREAMS ???


Sniff snifff WHYYYYYYYYYYYy :D


I mostly find myself getting killed in my own dream .... Forget fantasies ... i can even be the NEXT STEPHEN KING .. with the kind of INNOVative PLOTs i get while dreaming ....


Whats with all these ... am i too Exposed to Violence ??

I dont even feel like sleeping :P


Any advice ??

Strange na !! I know :P


muahahaha ... .be afraid .... be vewy vewy AFWAIIIDDD .....

bahahahahahahaha :D

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asalamualaikum brother genetic



well i have a lot of strange dreams myself and sometimes their really scary.....sometimes good things happen in them too......but i always remember my dreams


well in the beginning the Prophet(saw) would discuss the subject of dreams with the sahabah after fujr salat amongst other topics of discussion but then he soon gave up the practice of disussing dreams later on in his Prophethood


this shows that we aren't suppose to look to much into the matter of dreams


this is quite a coincident that you have brought this topic up because i just discussed this subject with my father the other day


well he said that you shouldn't pay too much attention to dreams and if you have a bad dream then when you wake up spit on the left side three times, i've heard of that before too otherwise if you want to know about the interpretation to a dream you will have to ask a very learned person about this matter


if you ask someone about the interpretation of your dream and they don't know well enough on this subject and how to intrepret dreams then it might have a bad affect on you so you have to be careful.....don't just go to anyone you have to ask a very pious and learned person


even if you see a good dream you shouldn't really discuss it with too many people actually just keep it to yourself and if some good happens and you feel that you saw it coming in your dream then let others know but not before


actually i could get into the spiritual aspect about sleep and what happens when your dreaming but i'd rather not because i don't think its my place to say anything or discuss that on this forum......i don't want to start a whole new topic plus i can't really quote hadith and stuff on this matter because this is all stuff i've been told verbally i haven't read it myself although i believe in what i've been told because my source is well educated and trustworthy.....


but your dreams are normal everyone has those types of dreams.......sometimes its just stuff in your subconscience that shows up in your dreams......you should read suras from the qu'ran and do zikr of Allah(swt) before you go to sleep......


my mother and aunt have a lot of dreams in which they have seen things that have actually ended up happening......but they see these things in a symbolic sort of way not as the actual event


sorry if i haven't helped you much.........i tried to do my best



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This ones for the Ladies !!!!


A female friend of mine is having a recurring dream ..


1. She dreams of a situation where she is chasing a black snake ... and the snake is running for its life from her ??


2. She is sleeping on bed ... when suddenly a black snake come towards her .... immediately another snake approaches and starts Swallowing the black one .... and SHE tends to celebrate after the devouring has been done ....


sniff sniff .... is there someone who can interpret dreams ??

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whoa ... thanks ML ... who knew you were so good at interpreting dreams :D


Keep it up bro ....

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Dream is totally a difficult subject to discuss. I rarely remember my dreams, or I don’t have any dreams.


I thought that some dreams are shown by Allah, and some are just in your conscience while some are just satanic. I understand that from the Prophet Yousef (PBUH) time when in jail for some reason to do with Zulaika the kings wife. Any way didn’t the king have some dreams and those dreams were interpreted by Prophet Yousef (PBUH) as being 7 years of Drought and something else?


I know that dreams have various meanings but these can only be explained by a very learned person. I think some are quite OK to be interpreted as brother ML has.


I think I have not explained my self properly but I think I have given the idea of what I understand.


What did our prophet say about dreams?

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My uncle told me that bad dreams after fajr are usually shaytaan.

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Whats with you and sarcasm .... for the First time in my LIfe .. i am complimenting you ... and you take it as Sarcasm ... *Sheesh*


I have recently done some research ... that Dreams which are not VISIONS ... always Tend to Portray the STATE of mind you are in ... if a person is happy and delighted ... he will dream about the stuffs in life ... simple example .... i had a dream of a Beautiful Women ... smiling and giggling at me .... and thats just it .... I was like WHAT THE *&%# that supposed to mean .... upon reading some books and based on psycology .... you just portrayed your state of happines by dreaming of a beautiful young women ... whom you never seen in your life .... sounds kinda cheeky .... but then again ... if you dreamt about a NAKED WOMAn ... it goes to show you are going to have a bad phase in life ....

It really dont make sense ....

I got this books ...on interpretating dreams ... and honestly speaking ... almost 80% is Cow DUNG .... but the List of Dreams that people have are really intrueging .... like Has anyone of you dreamt that you are just OBserving yourself at the MIRROR ... and you Start Losing your TEETH .... Where your teeth tends to fall apart ONE by one ... What the Dream Interprets your Bad luck with Fortune ... as you will lose some due to a BAd relationship going on with your loved one ....

SOunds kinda freaky .... but it did happen to me .... i kinda Wasted a Lot of Moola of MY GIRL ... which i Later Regret ... as we Broke up :D


I dont know just confused :D

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Wa Alaikum Mus Salam Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu,


Brother genetic_freak don't worry too much about your dreams, i'm sure alot of us have wierd and freaky dreams at times but don't let it get to your head your head so much, are you still having bad dreams? Your dreams look like they are connected with movies, that can happen.


I've read before that bad dreams aren't meant to be disclosed but remember a topic on IF about it a while back, so what was the result of it, are we or aren't we?




By Shaad Ahmed


Dreams are broken into three parts according to the Sunnah:


Ru'yaa - good visions (dreams)


Hulum - bad dreams


Dreams from one's self


Abu Hurayrah narrated Muhammad (S) said, "There are three types of dreams: a righteous dream which is glad tidings from Allah, the dream which causes sadness is from Shaitan, and a dream from the ramblings of the mind. (Sahih Muslim)


True/Good Dreams


We can see true dreams are from Allah Ta'aala as Muhammad (S) said, "True dreams are from Allah, and bad dreams are from Shaitan." (Sahih Al-Bukhari)


True believers are more likely to happen to those who are truthful in their lives as Muhammad (S) said, "Those of you with the truest dreams will be those who are most truthful in speech" (Sahih Muslim)


Good dreams are also from Allah Ta'aala. Prophet Muhammad (S) said, "If anyone of you has a dream that he likes then it is from Allah. He should thank Allah for it and narrate it to others." (Sahih Al-Bukhari) Good deeds consist of people doing Halaal (lawful) acts.


One should share their dreams with those they like as Muhammad (S) said, "If one sees a good dream, let him expect good, and not tell it except to those he likes." (Muslim) An example of this is Yaqoob (AS) telling his son, Yusuf (AS) concerning his dream about eleven stars and the sun and the moon prostrating to him (scholars have said the eleven stars were his brothers, and the sun and the moon represented his mother and father): "He said, "O my son! Relate not your vision to your brothers lest they arrange a plot against you. Verily! Satan is to man an open enemy." (Surah Yusuf 12:5) We know the half-brothers of Yusuf were jealous of him to begin with so telling them the dream would probably only serve to increase the jealousy.


Muhammad (S) also told us, "Nothing is left of prophethood except glad tidings." Those with him asked, "What are glad tidings?" He (S) replied, "Good dreams." (Sahih Al-Bukhari)


Bad Dreams


As stated above bad dreams are from Shaitan. Muhammad (S) told us what to do upon seeing a bad dream. "So when one of you sees a dream which he does not like, he should spit on his left side three times, seek refuge with Allah from Shaitan thrice, and change the side which he was lying (Sahih Muslim) and in another narration in Muslim, Muhammad (S) told us if we spit three times and seek refuge from Allah then it (the dream) will not harm them." (Sahih Muslim)


Muhammad (S) also told us that if we saw a bad dream to "stand up and offer prayer." (Sahih Muslim)


Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatahu

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Asalam alaikum

I just tuned into this forum. It caught my eye as I had a dream following Istikharah. Details are in the Counselling---->'no decent brothers for http://http://nikah.com/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e' forum. Can anyone translate this very thought provoking dream. Thanks in advance for your efforts may Allah reward you for your efforts, Ameen.

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