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The Simplest Pilau Rice...

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for 4 people:


3 Tea cups of rice...

1 Onion, finely sliced

2 Cloves Garlic, grated

Bit of Ginger

Cumin Seeds

4 Chillies, chopped.


2 Teaspoon of Margerine/butter/Ghee. (I personally use Margerine, healthier option)

Cooking Oil


Ensure you wash the rice before you start cooking, the rice should dry out before you add it to the pan!


Add oil to a pan... Heat gently... Add cumin seeds, they should sizzle a little...

Then add garlic, onion and ginger in that order.

Add salt and chillies.

Saute until Onions are semi-melted or light golden brown.


Reduce heat and add the now dried out rice. Keep stirring until the rice has turned a nice light yellow/reddish colour. Takes a good 10 minutes.


Important to add that if you're doing this part on a high heat the rice will burn!


Add just enough water, should be a little extra water when all the rice has been settled at the bottom of the pan. Or add exactly 6cups of rice... (same cup you used to measure in the first place!) Then add Margerine, give a stir and cover.

CRANK UP THE GAS!!! UNTIL WATER IS BOILING. Then reduce heat and leave for 5-7 minutes.



Your Muslim sis


P.s. You can add vegetables. Add them after you add the rice, before adding water.

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