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Crystal Eyes

No Equality Between Men And Women In Islam?

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Asaalmu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatu,


So people who are anti-Islam or disagree with the truth have a tendesy of attacking us with the whole, Islam does give equal rights to men and women. In my ignorant and naive days i would get agitated and say "YES it does!" you know how little kids jump up and down, hands frantically in the air trying to make a point such as how sweets is really good for their rotting teeth....


However, as we grow (well for some of us anyways) our knowledge increases (not magically obviously:rolleyes: ). Don't get me wrong, age doesn't limit knowledge, it merely promotes wisdom.


Logically when you think about this whole equality thing, it makes sense....they are right that Islam doesn't give equality between men and women....why? you'll see soon enough.


How can you say two things are equal when they are mentally, physically and emotionally different? How can you make something equal which you can't measure their difference to set a boundary on how to balance their equality? It is plain absurd.


The west has created an ideology which suits them, how incorrect it is tends to be irrelevant most of the time. Women and Men are emotionally, physically and mentally differnt so how can anyone say they were 'equal'? would they not be denying the fact that we are all individulas and unique? Even twins differ from one another.


Emotionally, mentally and physically i am different from any of the sisters around the world and we are all women. The same goes for men....


This terminology has merely created a realm of fantasy for the weak to indulge upon. It is not logical....nor is it part of this harsh reality.


So how much will people who strive to create 'equality' try to create this? Until we’re all clones of one another? Or will the delusion still be going on for a long period until there is no one to correct them of their naivety?


Equality between men and women can not be achieved as long as we are unique....let them say Islam doesn't give equality because the word itself doesn't actually fit into the world realistically....Islam gives rights to every being based on their needs. The logicality of that is just too much for some to grasp it seems but they'd rather believe a lie than a the truth.


Edited:opened so that if people have something to say they can reply...intially i didn't think people would comment, i guess Allah's Slave proved me wrong.

Edited by Crystal Eyes

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