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Mufti Attiqur Rahman Murdered By Iranians

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Karachi alert after cleric murder

The vehicle of Mufti Attiqur Rahman

Mufti Attiqur Rahman was returning from a Masjid

The Pakistani city of Karachi is on high alert after the killing of a prominent Sunni Muslim cleric.


Mufti Attiqur Rahman was shot in his car by unidentified gunmen on Thursday. A second man in the vehicle died later.


Junior minister Amir Liaquat Hussain went to offer condolences at a city Masjid but was beaten by a mob and is trapped nearby, he told the BBC.


Karachi has been torn by sectarian violence between minority Shias and majority Sunnis in recent years.


Minister 'bleeding'


Mr Hussain, Pakistan's junior minister for religious affairs, says he was set upon by the angry mob at Binori town Masjid.



Please help me, get me out of here

Minister Amir Liaquat Hussain


"I am in bad shape. I am bleeding," he said when the BBC News website contacted him by mobile phone.


He could be heard urging the authorities to send help on another line.


"Please come with an armoured car... I am bleeding. My life is in danger. Please help me, get me out of here."


The funeral for Mufti Rahman, 55, was being held in Karachi on Friday amid tight security.




Shias protesting on Sunday

May 2005: Five die in Karachi Shia Masjid attack, seven more in ensuing violence

May 2005: 19 killed and nearly 100 wounded in Islamabad Masjid attack

March 2005: 43 Shias killed in a bomb blast in Fatehpur, Baluchistan

Oct 2004: Car bomb in Multan kills 40 Sunnis

Oct 2004: 30 killed in a suicide attack on a Sialkot Shia Masjid

May 2004: 20 killed in bombing of Shia Masjid in Karachi

May 2004: 15 die in Karachi Shia Masjid attack


Sunni-Shia schism


He had been deputising for Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai, who was murdered in the city in May last year.


A number of activists from his madrassah, or religious school, came out on the streets in the Site area of the city on Friday and pelted vehicles with stones but were dispersed by police.


Fears of retaliation are high - there were riots after Mufti Shamzai's death last year.


Mufti Rahman had been returning from delivering Koran lessons at a city Masjid on Thursday evening when two gunmen on a motorcycle fired shots into his vehicle, police said.


Mufti Rahman died in the car. His friend, Mohammed Irshad, died of his injuries on Friday. The cleric's 10-year-old son, Imadur, was wounded and is in a stable condition in hospital.


Karachi city police chief ,Tariq Jamil, said: "The boy didn't give us much information, but we are looking into all aspects and hopefully the attackers will be arrested soon."


It's time for the pakistani army to take action against Iranian backed death squads

in Pakistan.


Umar, Abu bakr and Uthman are names spoken with pride in Pakistan

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Amir liauaqat hussain beaten, GREATTTTTTTTTTT.


It makes me happy, Really happy.


well brother, It may be RAW, I think Raw is behind all these activities.

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