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Then, in the latter days of the Sahabah, there emerged the despicable sect of the Qadariyyah, of whom it is reported in one narration (whose authenticity is debatable) that the Prophet had warned, saying, "the Qadariyyah are the Magians of this ummah."


The deniers of Divine Pre-Determination who claimed that Allaah has no power of His creation and that mankind is totally independent of His Will and Power. Qadariyyah are people who claim that Allaah forces us to choose the wrong religion.


The sect was initiated at the hands of Ma`bad al-Juhani, and they denied destiny. Ja`d ibn Dirham, another pioneer of the sect, was the first to claim the Qur'ân is created. The remaining Sahabah, among them `Abdullah ibn `Umar, Jabir ibn `Abdullah, Abu Hurayrah, `Abullah ibn `Abbas and Anas ibn Malik, abjured the Qadariyyah. They instructed people not to greet them with salaam, nor to pray over their dead, nor even to visit their sick.

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