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Crystal Eyes

Do You Think About Them?

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Asalamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatu,


In a world where time is consumed quicker than food it is hard to focus your spare minutes dwelling on the necessary things in this world. How often do you remember the loved ones by Allah (swt)? Did you know that Allah (swt) loved Ayoub (pbuh)? He was named as the most beautiful servant subhnallah.


Do you think about Ilyas (pbuh)? Do you think about them at all? Fair enough we remember our beloved prophet muhammad (pbuh) but to many of us it seems that the other prophets did not exist.


You get some who slander Jesus (pbuh) and insist they are doing justice for Islam. Islam does not need us, it has Allah (swt) who is all-mighty...


You get some who speak against moses (pbuh)...yet when you ask them why do they slander against the prophets of Allah (swt) they seem buffled at such a question.


Do you think about them enough? Do you think about their troubles and struggles? What will we say when this becomes our debt in sin? Will we be amongst those who will be guilty of sinning continiously?


Do you think about them enough?

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