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Salam Cafe Website **updated**

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Some of you may remember me talking about the new muslim tv show in melbourne australia (its the first one EVER)

anyways we have done one whole season and now we are up for a second season...

i just wanted to inform you guys that i have updated the website for the new season, it has new profiles and information...

it can be viewed "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.salamcafe.com.au"]Salam Cafe[/url] <--- here

Also something new for the season...as some of you might be saying "we cant view the show because we arent in australia... but i have good news...

you can now download the episodes from the website to watch on your computer.


"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.salamcafe.com.au/download.html"]Salam Cafe Episode downloads[/url]


so make sure you check it out...

You can give feedback about the show here or email us via the site.


sister Verity

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OMG! :D I can't wait to watch it! i just have to download it on my personal laptop (cause right now i'm on the "home" computer and its pretty full as it is...:D so im supposed to download things on my computer :D).


Are you like all talking in Australian accents? LOL! LOL! erm..i actually do have trouble understanding some Australian accents.. :D :D but that's okay...I'll take it as Muslim Comedy. :D


^JK :D Hahah!



May Allah reward all of you abundantly in this world and the next.

Ameeeeeen!! :D



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In order to climb the ladder of success .. there always has to be a sturdy first step. Since Salaam Cafe is a pioneer in the series of IslamIC Programmes in Melbourne .. it surely will go a long way :D ...


though i will compliment the people who do the camera work. Splendid angles.


So heres to SALAAM CAFE :D

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