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Crystal Eyes

Victims Have Become The Terrorist?

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:D warahmatullah wabarakatu/peace


She held tightly to the soft hand of her mother’s, sweat gently forming in her mother palms. The young child shivered though she was wrapped in clothing from head to toe and the weather was beyond hot. Her browns eyes darted back and forth, tears softly forming around them. Lately the shouting had become a norm yet she never understood why. The mother grabbed her daughter’s fragile hand tightly as they quickly paced to get home. The shouting of racial comments continued but no one dared to stop them, some gazed and watched the scene while other ignored it.


The innocent are found guilty, the victims are the terrorists, while those who are a danger to society are roaming around, amongst us. The above incident is not a fragment of my imagination but a saddening reality.

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