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Spicey Prawns

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i looooove this dish, give it a try:



200g fresh prawns or better king/tiger prawns

garlic (how much you prefer, crushed)

red chillie (dry)

any vegetables you prefer but cut thinly (i use chinese veggy stir fry bag from asda) mushrooms are lovley in this too

salt n ground black pepper (i use pinch o salt and 1/4 tsp pepper)

dry spagetti

gren chillie finely chooped

knob of butter

2tbspoon olive oil

half large tomato chopped

sauce (i use bolognese sauce as its less sharper than pasta sauce)



1. lightly fry prawns in little olive oil adding garlic and tomato for 5 mins on moderate-low heat

2. add red chillie and vegetables, stur fry for further 5 minutes on moderate heat

3. add knob of butter, peppar and salt, and finely crushed green chillies

4. add sauce and simmer for 10 mins or as directed on sauce

5. meanwhile cook spagetti in boiled water as directed on packets with a little butter or olive oil and salt to taste


serve with half cut green olives


cooking time: max 30mins min. 20 mins


variationyou can substitute spagetti for any other pasta you prefer, or use rice but use a chinese stir fry sauce instead of a pasta/bolognese sauce

you can


this tastes so good it makes me cry too!!!



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