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Wheres The Unity?

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Ok someone just randomly asked me a quesion and to be honest I aint gotta clue how to answer so I leave it to you folks!


Need some info: where to be directed?


"Whats the chances of a pious Pakistani boy marrying a pious Gujarati Surti girl (UK), (according to some sources) apparently surtis look down on Pakistanis and that South Africans are more open minded on this matter, what do you think?!?"


People say if you get rejected you should quit and marry your own kind, but why? Anything is attainable if you work for it, nothing is impossible. Dreams are there to give you an idea about what you want/need in the future so why give up on them if one nation says no, wheres the unity in Muslims today...


Responses so far:

Toronto, ON

my opinion, it doesnt matter if the boy and girl are pious, man its this stupid cultural boundary for guji's, u only marry another guji.. thas what thier parents say.. iunno if any1 else has it any dif, but my guess is that there is very lil chance of a pakistani of marrying a guji, only way it can happen is if the parents are open mindded or u really impress them.


UK Memi

to a certain extent i agree with Toronto, ON, it is just a cultural thing. but i wouldnt generalise to say that all surti's look down on pakistani's wen it comes to marriage because i hav seen guji's getting married to pakistani's and parents r fine with it. it depends on individual families and what they value more - their piety or their culture.


London Dedat

I say it's a bit of both...... my dad has given me free reign to marry whomever I choose (as long as he's muslim of course). My mother says you should marry your own kind... Maybe I have the best of both worlds...


More responses to come...

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United States, North America

i think there's a chance because all pakistanis and all gujaratis don't see the need to fight over who's better. i know some pakistanis who have really close gujarati friends.



depends on individual families; some are open minded and religious and don't look beyond religion and overall decency (religion character looks etc) and others just look for 'surtis' or whatever.

it depends if the gal/boy wants to actually marry you or not.


London, UK

well i have heard of many gujrati n bengali marriages, bt v.few with pakistanis.

It dependz on where the boy is 4m in pakistan, because pious or not the family matterz. N its likely that the boy's parents wil say no. 4m wot i have seen.

South africanz r open minded n les rigid wid culture.


University of Bradford

well not v tru igot lodz of pakistani cousins. my london cus who i hang around wiv is married to a pakistani gal. my paki mates in manchester r married to gujji surti gals but yeh ur rite there is objections. cos ppl think pakistanis cant be trusted :s what nonsense


South Africa

I say rebel and get married into different cultures.



i dont think culture sud matter and if it does like in this case then someone sud break the barrier and get married.



Well as I am not from Indian descent I cannot really give my opinion.

I do however know that within Islam I have seen the most racism amongst the so called "loving unracist" religion.

I think Islam harbors more racism than any other religion. In Catholicism and Christianity this doesnt exist. As long as the person is a "godfearing" individual then it matters not what their skin color or background is. I have friends who date outside of their race/culture and they are perfectly fine and their parents as well with them going for something different.

I think the couple should try to make it work and go against these forces of evil because maybe then the world can accept change and learn to love the other.

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:sl: dear muslims


Indeed, some people still hold Culture in a Serious Light..


P.S. I cant believe that University of Bradford Comment was actually used with that grammer... lol.. :sl:

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lol haha yea wellI was going to re correct it but then I thought the original will prove I didnt write it!


Some more views from up North:



Exactly. Islam doesn't condone racism. Muslims need to get back to the fundamentals of their religion and overcome all the cultural issues, which hold Muslims back and give Muslims a bad rep in many cases. I wish I was a guji.. Problems with Pakistanis is that they let culture dictate their lives and not religion.



Depends, I'm Guji and I know I would have concerns if one of my daughters had to marry a pakistani lad from ROUND here.


Not necessarily because of the boy but more to do with the extended family and cultural practices which seem's to be more prevelant round these parts than religion itself.

I live in the Northwest and it is a given Pakistani families round here in the majority consider us gujis to be wahabis or worse even 'kafir' and from the words of Pakistani mates themselves, "you guys are too soft on your women" "your women will find our culture to be harsh"


Don't get me wrong! I have many Pakistani friends, some on here but most reside down south or Midlands and their outlook in life is different to those who live round this way. Apparently it's all to do with where you come from back home?


Of course not everyone's like that in the Northwest and having just done a massive generalisation I guess it can be the same in a given Guji family but this comes from close observation and hanging out with pakistani mates and what they tell us. Boy's tend to be treated more leniently I find and get away with anything in comparison to Pakistani girls who are watched like hawks and woe betide should she make a mistake.


I have four daughters and inshallah they can marry who they want as long as he is religious, knows how to treat a women AND without cultural baggage which would make the girls life a misery.





ARE THERE ANY GUJARATIs on here that can give their opinions!? and if this man can be helped if anyone can help it would be a great help inshallah.

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