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Panthera Tigris

Personal Statement For Medicine?

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Assalamu Alaikum


Personal Statement


Reasons for choosing medicine.

This may appear obvious to you. It is not obvious to us. The Admissions Co-ordinator and the Admissions Tutors have not met you and know nothing about you. It is vital that you tell us why you wish to be a doctor. Do not be afraid of apparently ‘trite’ comments such as a desire to help people or a desire to care. There is no ‘correct’ answer to this question but not to address it at all would seriously weaken your application.


Amount of work experience in a caring role

We are not looking for necessarily medically-related work experience, such as shadowing a GP or consultant. Such experience can be difficult to obtain for students under the age of 18. However, we are interested in caring experience which may or may not be medically-related. Tell us how you got involved in such work, how long you have been doing it, how much time you spend each week and, most importantly, what you have gained from it.




Medicine is about being able to communicate. True communication calls for some shared life experiences and empathy with others. Hence the student who is totally absorbed in his/her studies to the exclusion of almost all else is less likely to make a good doctor. Tell us about your interests and hobbies. Tell us why you pursue them. How long have you been involved? Have you achieved any outside recognition [e.g awards, certificates, etc..]. The Medical School is aware that some students may have more opportunities than others to pursue a wide range of interests. We are not so much concerned with exactly what you do in your spare time but that you have some spare time and that you do something with it.


Presentation and style

We would prefer your personal statement to be typewritten. If not, it should be handwritten legibly in black ink. Please remember that the form is photocopied down to half its size before it is seen by the Admissions Tutors and Admissions Co-ordinator. It must thus be legible after this is done. Applications will be marked down for careless errors of grammar and spelling.


Does anyone else have advice on the personal statement?

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Sorry for brief response before - was in an internet cafe before and ran out of credit!


Medicine is highly competitive so admissions tutor use the personal statement to filter applications.


I disagree with the comment that it's OK to list that you wish to help people as a reason to do medicine. You can do many other things which can help people - so use this phrase carefully. Don't just say I've always wanted to be a doctor as I really want to help people. It's a bland statement and lacks passion. Maybe you have a family member or a friend of family who is in medicine and you've been fortunate to see what medicine involves from talking with them? Is there a particular branch of medicine which interests you?


Admissions tutors are increasingly preferring applicants who have some work experience - it can be in any health care environment eg doctors surgery, pharmacy, volunteering at hospital or hospice. Or if not in related area maybe you have coached football to disadvantaged children, been involved in a Mentoring programme? Talk about what you gained from the experience and how this has shaped you and your views?


Interests & hobbies - just list them. Talk about them with passion and explain what you get out of it? Eg played piano since the age of 8 and taken exams up to grade 7 - this shows that you have commitment and motivation - can stick to things - don't give up things easily and also good with your hands! Eg school hockey team captain for the last 2 years -learnt to develop my leadership skills as well as communication and teambuilding skills. Involved in the School plays - part of the props team - shows creativity and the ability to think around problems in a creative way etc etc


UCAS forms are done online now so can only be typed. Do check the application form over and over - grammar and spelling mistakes are sloppy and show that you don't have a good eye for details!

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Jazakallah for that!




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Sorry - where I put down about hobbies and interests - meant to say DON'T just list them eg I like reading, being with my family and watching TV... You need to talk about them and make yourself sound like an interesting and an engaging person with lots of different skills!


Good luck!

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