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Dear members


Chat was requested many times to be added to this forum. But pure chatting is in many cases a waste of time. Even when the chat is beneficial, it just dissappear, and no one else would benefit from what was said (presuming it was a beneficial dialogue).


So, I've come up with a nice idea that I hope you like. Its 'chat-posting', where you actually chat, but whatever you say gets posted, for future benefit.

It very much resembles your usual topic page, except that:

- there is a little window at bottom, showing you a member's name, whenever someone adds to the chat. You just click it, to update the chat window, and read whats just been added.

- less content at top and to the right, for faster page loading

- chat sessions: the chat will be timed, with a preset time to open, and a preset time to close, usually 1 hour after opening.

- Only group chat is possible.

- chats will each have a subject, setting whats the chat session is about.


This section can be highly beneficial if it finds enough members interested in it. It can be used for halaqa sessions (online study circles), a learning tool for anyhing beneficial, like teaching tajweed, Arabic, Quran memorizing, fiqh, or any Islamic science. It can also be used as a Q&A sessions for new Muslims, or non Muslims.


It works like that: members who would like to conduct a chat sessions, on whatever subject they can benefit others with, would PM me, a week in advance, stating what time they would like the chat session started, in date and time (GMT). I would then start the chat page for them, as an announcement ahead of the event, but the chat can only start at the time chosen by the chat leader, who contacted me to start it. Members who offer to conduct a one-time chat session, or as a series of chats, like once a week or so. Regulars can be given the power to start their own topis later on.


Before I start this, I would like to see if anyone has a comment or a suggestion to add. I would also like to know how many of you are interested in conducting chats. Chats can be around ny subject, so long that its a beneficial one.

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Yeah good idea, Masha'Allah! I would be interested Insha'Allah. All sounds good.




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