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Panthera Tigris

Wanted: A Level Biology & Chemistry Bks!

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Assalamu Alaikum


Do you have any A Level Biology and Chemistry books you don't need anymore?

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Salaam dear brother,


Inshallah your in the best of health and happiness,I have an As biology exam secrets Letts exam practice book,which I don't need anymore,I brought it for £6.99 from WH Smith,and would be happy to give it to you for free,inshallah.I'll pay myself for the postage and package stuff,inshallah,let me know if you want it bro,ok? :D :D :D


The book is in great condition alhumdulilah and covered all exam boards,mashallah.


All I ask from you is to make Dua for me to get three As in my A levels this year. :D :D


Take Care,




I have maths,As,A2,edexcel,revision books,exam practice books,

and same with physics As, if you want them bro,for a price of £0.00. :D


Let me know also,inshallah.



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:D bro,


It's best to get textbooks which are specific to the exam board you are studying with as others will miss out topics or cover ones which you won't be examined on. Maybe you could check the exam board websites to see if they recommend anything in particular....


Best of luck with your studies inshallah!




Edit: Woah just noticed the original post was made last year! So dunno if you still need those books...

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