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Helping The Lost/locked/and Jahel

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lets share ideas brothers and sisters , we are The Ummah we must share not be individually living in this world each seeking for good deeds for himself :sl:

lets talk about , how you talk to people how do you help them and how do you fix them and how do you remind them?


for a muslim to go to heaven its 4 things ?


to have faith


Doing good deeds


have patience




( Dawah / eslah "fixing" / thkr "remembrance" )


ok now this topic is talking about THKR and ESLAH ( Fixing / Remembrance )



i will share my way of presenting some things for fixing eslah, but i want to know the style aswel brothers/sisters :sl:




* - * some people say why do people play and run around and we must pray , why cant i just go and do what they do and have fun ,


-- its because your question is narrow brother , and needs paraphrasing , your question is like saying why the people are going to hell why cant i go with them..



* - * mind your own bussiness ,-- yes im minding it when im talking to you brother , tell me not to follow Islam if you want me to leave you and stop what im doing and just for your concerns also , that will never happen and -- yes i know you feel so annoyed but you know Noah PBUH , he did dawah for 950 years , and im talking to you for about 2 months now and your that angry , dont you know what they did to Noah ( PBUH ) , they started swaring/threatning and then putting their hands on their ears to ignore him,and reached to a way that they put their clothes over their head imagine how they looked ~~~~ , inshallah you remove this poisoned ego system of urz brother and start realising , im not trying to be better then you , in the quran it says , Moses PBUH when he talked to frawn , about the truth ( la ellaha ella Allah ) , farawn denied that and said dont follow mosses because he wants to * yatafadel allaykom / im not sure the translation in english but i think it means to be better then you * ,/ see how the world think . only the ones who are infected and living the life of satan they will talk in that way and they will think narrow because maybe the person who we talk with is a smoker or a bad doer so thats why hes head is filled with blackness .

Alhumdillah that we are muslims Alhumdillillah ala Islam , alhumdillillah .


we are brothers we are not better then no one in this world we are 0 degrees and we are here for worship . thats why we are created .


-- brother you say your a muslim? * - * yes , -- so muslim who believes in Allah and day of judgement ? * - * yes offcourse , -- ok then why when its time to pray you dont pray ? * - * ..... .... ... ... busy > / .? -- so busy for the truth ? mashallah , means your a muslim but still your not observing .

dont say muslim until you know what muslim is .


brother im fixing some understanding because i love you but i hate you !


i hate the satan that you wear , once you remove him i will embrace you with a hug brother!


your my brother but that mask must be removed , remove this artificial happiness which fools you with such happiness when the reality of happiness is out their and if you taste 1 drop of iman you will wish you have no senses

people have 5 senses , and the 6th is the spirit feeling , ( the iman ) , once you taste 1 drop you will wish you had non of the 5 senses ....


brother i love you and Allah yhdeene wa yhdeek wa ythabetna wa yrshdna Ameen .




brothers please share your way of talking to them and style please :no:


lets help each other , lets not be lazy :j:

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i might open a thread about ( Dawah style )


yes all ways differ's but all is indicating with a same picture , however people must have a style to present it and which can be comfortable or enjoying to be listened to :sl:

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