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Is This Good Enough?

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Assalamou Alaicom wr wb


Just today, our school co-ordinator took me out of class to tell me to write down a Ramadan summary of what we learnt from Ramadan (or a farewell) so that it can go in the school news letter tomorrow...


I've spent quiet a while on it, and was wanting to get your opinions - as usual :D




Ramadan Farewell - title okay :D ?


Mercy, forgiveness and emancipation from hellfire, what more can one simply ask for in a person’s fly away life span?


It’s a month that has taught us punctuality, desire and bad habit control, patience and unity; to feel the hunger and thirst poor people feel; to strengthen our faith and increase in spiritual as well as secular values.


The family members will wake up early in the morning, beginning their fast with a simple meal before sunrise, called suhoor; while at sunset, breaking it with family and friends on delicious (traditional) meals.


Within both times, withstanding the cut of food and drink supply, making us feel how the poor and destitute suffer from famine and poverty. On the other hand, weakening our bad habits by reminding us to stay calm, have mercy and be patient.


Today, we say our farewells to such a blessing that is bestowed on humanity each year. However, does farewelling Ramadan means ‘The End’?


Ramadan is a time of preparation. It spiritually prepares us for a whole year of tough challenges and hard work. When Ramadan is over, it doesn't mean it's the end, rather, the beginning!


It teaches us that we can be punctual in our work – through specific timing of prayers, suhur and iftar. It also teaches us that we can have patience – through withstanding fasting on hot and/or long days. It teaches us that we can be ‘one’ - when we get together with our family ties and feast gatherings, iftar; that we can do extra prayers, give charity, say a word of kindness and truth, be sincere with our actions and show fountains of sympathy, love and affection for others.


Through all this and more, Ramadan takes away all the space for the 'excuses excuses' - leaving us with a reformed character. Both, in terms of religion as well as through out our every day to day activities.


Nevertheless, what can one say, Ramadan just slips away…

Let's carry out all those aspects into positive and productive work through out the year and contribute to the positive succession of ourselves, family, school, and society as a whole.


Farewell dear Ramadan,

we ask Allah to grant us the privilege of seeing you again and again in the years to come, ameen.




So what you all think :D ?

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Masha'Allah sis its really good! :D I can't see anything wrong, maybe someone else could add something.


But its a good summary Masha'Allah.


good work sister! :D




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Jazaki Lahu khair for feedback sister, my apologies i didn't have time to post in a reply earlier. Just to stay on the safe side, i told my english teacher to go through it and alhamdulilah, the newsletter was distributed today to all the students :D


Fee amanillah.

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