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Stranger Than Fiction

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On September 11, five israeli army veterans were arrested by the FBI after several witnesses saw them "dancing", "high-fiving", and "celebrating" as they took pictures of the World Trade Center disaster from across the river in New Jersey.


Yes, every Isreali can be considered an army veteran since it is mandatory.


Palestinians were filmed dancing in the streets too, does that make them guilty?


First and foremost of which is this: why would Osama Bin laden, the Saudi Arabian caveman, steal identities? To cover his tracks you say?


Why would the FBI use the identities of men who are still alive if they are trying to frame someone? That would make no sense. If the US government was trying to frame someone they wouldn't pick people who are still alive, much less someone who isn't even in the country at the time. What does make sense is that the men were flying under false names.


Atta also had his passport stolen in 1999, 75 (the same passport that miraculously survived the WTC explosion and collapse?)


Ridiculous. You can get a new passport in a day. I did when I was in Rome and got robbed. I went to the consulate and had a new passport that afternoon.


How this gentle, non- political mamma's boy from a good Egyptian family suddenly transformed himself into the vodka drinking, go-go girl groping terrorist animal described by the media, has to rank as the greatest personality change since another classic work of fiction, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


No, actually. I have seen it happen often. Shy boy later goes on a wild streak. There is no Jekyll and Hyde effect going on, it's common.


These strange inconsistencies tend to give support to Mohammed Atta's father's claim that he spoke over the phone with his son on September 12th, the day after the attacks. 81 Could a group of professionals have abducted and killed the real Atta in the days following the 9-11 attacks?


Yes, but anyone able to pull off this amazing frame-up that is being theorized would surely be smart enough to take the man before he was supposed to die. This "evidence" is beyond silly.


The collapse of both towers were both perfectly symmetrical and methodical. The straight down collapse was identical in appearance to a well engineered, controlled implosion. A demolition company could not have done it better. Now that we know that all one has to do to bring a tall building straight down is set a fuel fire in it, the well trained experts who work for demolition companies should all be out of a job by now!


How does he explain that the collapse ocurred on the floors that the planes hit? Were the ones who did this so good at flying planes they were able to hit the exact floor where the bombs were? That's just preposterous.

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Did they throw away the locked doors from the Triangle Shirtwaist fire? Did they throw away the gas can used at the happy land social club fire?...That's what they're doing at the World Trade Center.


They were trying to determine the causes of the first two fires. We have video of planes hitting the towers, so wouldn't it be silly to investigate the cause?


Somehow the claim that a major global shipping firm, backed up by government money, needed to save a few bucks on rent lacks credibility.


Is he serious? Only a stupid businessman would not look for ways to save money. Companies often change locations based on financial reasons. The anonymous author of this piece is really having to reach to find evidence.


Bush wasn't in DC on that day is evidence?


Quotes from newspaper editorials is evidence?


The only logical conclusion that a reasonable person can arrive at is this: The 9-11 attacks, the anthrax murders, and numerous other foiled terror plots, were planned, orchestrated, financed, carried out, and covered up by the forces of international Zionism.


Not really. The author obviously began his "research" in order to come to this conclusion. He is hardly unbiased and his evidence and conclusions are dubious at best. In fact, they sometimes even conflict with each other. He claims the government was involved when it is convenient, and then in the next breath mentions how the government never charged anyone in the anthrax cases.


This whole report is hogwash.

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great post dot. keep them comming.



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good lord man! id expect a rant like that from a neo nazi group but not from a muslim! anyway, id like to address something...


what is it with all the rips on communism ive been hearing? lets examine it shall we? the communism is the brain child of two men, marx and engels, both jews living in victorian england. where they as children were subject to intense hatred and prejudice, which is what led them to the idea of an atheist society, communism itself is acctualy one of the first forms of government, and is acctualy similar to the ideas of government laid out in the quran (a community of believers, who support one another, and share everything through the tax) that is true communism, not stalinism, now, trotsky, and lenin were jewish, stalin on the other hand was very anti-semitic, (as were most russian christians) and thanks to his paranoia after isreal was formed many jews were sent to the gulags, in victorian era russia all jews were forced into collective farms or similar work, trotskys autobiography is a good read, he grew up on a collective farm with a dirt floor and toys made out of loose fabric. and under stalin freedom of religeon was again allowed for the majority, (christians) this was because stalin knew religeon gave people hope. (i never thought i would be saying anything nice about stalin, now i feel bad) now, to give you an example of how rule has nothing to do with religeon, what do stalin, hitler and saddam hussein have in common? they all had abusive alcoholic father figures, this gave them a murderous rage that they vented through brutality to their fellow man.


the only bit of truth i saw in that article was about sharon. and lindberg wasnt anti-zionist, he was anti-semetic (he hated all semites, arabs included, the dude was a major racist) he and ford.

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I agree with Livius.


But that is beside the point. For shame on you for insulting someone who tries to think indipendently, Livius gave valid counterarguments against Dot's points. I thought you guys welcomed this kind of discussion? Shame on you guys for calling him a lemming, if you have a problem with his point, then state it outright and provide a counter argument. If you don't do that, then you are not a lemming, but an ant who follows.


I will link this discussion to my associates who are much better experts and scholars on the point, we will see what they think of the subject.

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Lets look at this story factually shall we. The #'s corresponding with the provided foot notes.


2.On the day of the disaster, three of the five boys went up on the roof of the building where the company office is located," said Gordon. "I'm not sure if they saw the twin towers collapse, but, in any event, they photographed the ruins right afterwards. One of the neighbors who saw them called the police and claimed they were posing, dancing and laughing, against the background of the burning towers. The five denied dancing. I presume the neighbor was not near them and does not understand Hebrew. Furthermore, the neighbor complained that the cheerful gang on the roof spoke Arabic. As far as I understand it, that neighbor has had previous problems with the company, and she could have been waiting for an opportunity to avenge the owners


Just a click away from the so called factual story the author would like to provide:

(you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgothamgazette(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/citizen/jan02/6.shtml"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgothamgazette(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/citizen/jan02/6.shtml[/url]


3.The article provided says nothing about developed photos. Is from a Jewish magazine website. Read the article I’m surprised the author of the article could think he could get away skewing the facts with this as the source material


4.Link does not exist. israel agents you say? All information says that they worked for a moving company. Jee I wonder why they had box cutters.


5.Hmmmm surprise, surprise the information in this article doesn’t match the previous one, in fact its as if they were about two different incidents….


“As incredible, as ridiculous, and as "paranoid" as that belief may appear to you at this point, the fact is that certain elements within the israeli government, and Zionist movement in general, have a long history of attacking the USA and framing Arabs in order to gain support from the US†– Oh really?? What facts?


Then the author goes a supposed long diatribe explaining the secret history of WWI and Zionism. Guess what, no information is provided to prove that he’s not just pulling this out his behind. Jeez couldn’t even find a conspiracy site to pretend to foot note your claims with?


14. Oooh finally some wack job site lets take a look at their front page: it says Holocaust wasn’t real, Jews killed millions of ppl etc etc. Yes an entire site devoted to defaming Jews is a credible source of information.


“The German people were bitterly resentful of not only the Zionist role in bringing about their defeat in World War I, but also over the brutal monetary reparations which had been imposed upon them by certain Zionist bankers who helped craft the brutal Treaty of Versailles after the war†– LOL! That’s rich, yes it was evil zionist that crafted the Treat of Versailles in order to punish the poor defenseless germans. That’s almost as bad as someone claiming a while back that it was a Jew who tried to convince the founding fathers of the USA to create a national bank.


17. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK, it brought me to page with a anti virus ad and then my comp immediately informed me of a virus threat on my comp. At this point I will stop reviewing the links as I don’t want to damage my computer just to show how crazy a crazy person is.

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