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Chechen Mujahideen Warn Arab Leaders For Befriending Russia

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The Chechen President and Amir of the CRI State Defense Council Majlisul Shura appealed to Muslims around the world and first of all to the leaders of Muslim countries with a brief message in order to unmask the propaganda of the enemies of Islam.


The President stressed that Russia waged wars against Muslims throughout its history for more than 400 years and occupied Muslim lands in the Caucasus, Siberia, Crimea, the Volga region, the Urals, Central Asia and fought against Islam in Afganistan in the 1980's. In the Caucasus, Russia murdered million of Muslim, colonized their lands, detroyed their villages and forced 90% Caucasian Muslims to quit their lands and to emigrate. This genocide continued in the 20th century.


In 1994, Russian armies invaded Chechnya, starting a new phase in the everlasting Jihad against Russia. In the period 1994-2006, Russia killed 225,000 Chechen Muslims including 45,000 children, destroyed the country and continues to commit its atrocities, the President said.


Taking all this into account, it is very strange to hear from some heads of states of Muslim countries and organizations that Russia is a friend of Muslims and to see them seeking friendship with this fierce enemy of Islam. Probably, they intend to use Russia against enemies. But the idea is false and corrupt, the President warned.


First, Russia is absolutely unreliable as a country and has its own policy which has nothing to do with the interests of Islam and Muslims. Russia's betrayal of its former ally Saddam in Iraq is a good example of it.


Second, this policy of seeking friendship with Russia is fully fruitless and up till now has led to absolutely no results except for vain and idle talk, the Chechen President said.


Hypocritical Russia is a fierce enemy of Islam and of every Muslim in Russia. The President reminded Putin's words in 1999 when the kafir said: "If needed, I will fight against Allah".


Russia wages its war against Islam under the slogan of "fighting international terrorism" which means that it is also the enemy of Muslims outside of Russia. Russia killed millions of Muslims, occupied Muslim lands, murders, tortures, oppresses and persecutes Muslims, and chases them from their homes.


As far as Russia's puppets are concerned, Muslims who "revive" Islam within the "single and united Russia" are also the enemies of Islam, the Presiden warned.


That is why any kind of friendship with Russia is an unjustice under Islam, the President concluded in his message to the leaders of Muslim countries.

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That's true Muslims should not rely on anyone but themselves whether Russia, US, Europe, China, etc.

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The US regime and the Russian regime are the enemy of Islam and Muslims for they have attacked, invaded and occupied Muslim countries , attacked and destroyed civilian targets such as Masjids, schools and hospitals and terrorized, tortured and massacred innocent Muslim babies, children, women, elderly people, unarmed men etc.

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:sl: dear muslims


Indeed the Russian Government and Russian Leaders are Evil, Cold-Hearted Blood-suckers in their Own way.


Funny to see Russia and USA getting steamed up over the whole Eastern-European Missile Defense Row.


Their Hate and Dark Hearts cannot be hidden beneath their Fake "Friendship".


Still, If they supply Muslims with Help, Its good, but that does not necessarily make them our Friends, their history shows us this.

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