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What Is The Arab Opinion Of Bin Laden?

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I didnt at first know much about him and his life despite him being in the news almost everyday,


After reading about his life from people who knew him and interviewed him - it is plainly clear he is much more than some mad man

as the media tries to portray him.


I mean, he could have had the life of utmost luxury with his millions but he chose the give his money to the poorest of muslims rather than spend it on himself - rather than spend time in palaces he chose the harsh mountains of afghanistan where he suffered alongsid his fellow muslims.


Instead of staying away from the fighting and danger, he actually embraced it and was on the front line against the soviets.


Is there any other Muslim that has sacrificed as much as this, if not why are there so many so quick to slander him?


What are your opinions on this - esp. arabs who are more quick than the rest to slander him? Could you imagine giving away all your money for others? Leaving your luxury home to go and suffer alongside Muslims?

To put yourself in harms way for something you believe in?


P.S i would like to say - esp. to the mods - i am in no way endorsing al-qaeda or its tactics - i am talking about bin laden here as a person and his early life in which he gave up so much.

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I am not an Arab, or a Muslim.


I would however like to comment.


Anyone who dismisses bin laden as a mere "Mad man" is simply being foolish.

He is clearly an intelligent, well organized, dedicated and motivated individual.


However, I am unimpressed by a man who trades wealth for power. What other choice does such an ambitious man make? For he trades luxury for greatness--wouldnt you?


His problem is his greatness was not achieved through sacrifice, nor humility, nor servitude, he has not submitted to the will of God. He has chosen to sacrifice his substantial wealth to convince others to sacrifice themselves to his will. His works are for his own glory, and that reward is death.


I cant imagine the great and beautiful influence this man could have had on the world with but one step in a different direction. His intellect and charisma are undeniable, he could have organized a movement in Islam to bring it back to its once former place at the forefront of technology, philosophy, human rights, and social services. He has chosen another path however, a regrettable one.


Make no mistake, what he gave up is nothing compared to what he has gained---to many, he is beyond a mere man, he is divine. No man should reach so far.

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