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bint Ali......ÈäÊ Úáì

Cabbage Sambol

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medium sized onion

grind red chillie





dried fish chips(optional)



first take 500g cabbage and cut it in to small pieces.take a medium size onion and chop it.pour some oil in to a frying pan and heat it.when the oil is heated,fry the onions.when the onions turn to golden brown color add the chopped cabbage in to the frying pan.fry the mixture for about 5 minutes and then add salt, 1 teaspoon of grind red chillies,very small amount of haldi(forgot it's english name.),dried fish chips, and fry once again.when the cabbages are soft add a little amount of sugar in it and voila-cabbage sambol is done.


serve with any kind of meat/fish/chicken.

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