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Blast hits Pakistan cinema hall

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A bomb at a cinema in north-west Pakistan has killed two people and injured at least 29 others, police say.

The attack took place in the town of Mingora, about 110km (70 miles) north-west of the capital, Islamabad.


It remains unclear who carried out the attack, which occurred while people were watching a film in the hall.


Mingora is home to a number of radical Islamic leaders promoting strict adherence to religious codes.


The police said the bomb was planted in a plastic bag in the front row of the cinema. It exploded near the end of the show.


One suspect - a man carrying wires and detonators - was among the injured, the police said.


The BBC's Paul Anderson in Islamabad says the police will be looking into the possibility of whoever carried out the attack did so out of religious zeal, believing that Muslims should be carrying out their Islamic duties not watching films.


Correspondents say it is also possible that the attack was linked to criminal activity.



Pakistan has been wracked by religious violence recently

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Wa alaikum assalaam..


Man this is not good, who ever did this, did an evil act.. Who cares if someone watch movie or some one practice Islam, people heard, if they obey they will be rewared, if they dont they will be puniished.. they shouldnt do this by name of religion.. Who knows it might not be religious people, it might be someone else trying to blame of religion..

Allah knows best.. May Allah Guide them to the right path..

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