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I Need Help To Battle Islamophobia

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I am new to this forum. I joined because I need your help.


I have a cursory knowledge of Islam and have many Muslim friends. I am involved in several other forums and have encountered a high degree of Islamophobia and Islam-bashing. These people cite the Qur’an to support their bigotry. I would like to stop them from disseminating untruth about Islam. For that reason I would like help in certain areas.


1. I would like to know if anyone can cite news articles or Islamic websites that have evidence that some ant-Islamic forces are behind some “so-called†Islamic cites and are disseminating false information on Islam. I read some of the websites these Islamophobes use as “evidence†and they smell like phony websites to me, but I can’t even show Muslims complaining about this practice.


2. There is an accusation that Islam encourages marrying and consummating a marriage with nine year old girls. These Islamophobes claim that it is an ongoing and common practice throughout Islam. I need websites that discourage that practice.


3. They say that Islam and the Qur’an condemn ALL JEWS and ALL CHRISTIANS and say they are damned to hell. I need websites that show that Islam believes that this is not the case.


If I get the help I request, I would like to continue to solicit more help when I need – unless there is serious objections to my doing so. The battle against prejudice and bigotry must be waged however we can.


Thank you to all who help.


All the best.

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Some people interpret quran according to what they like.

The best thing to do is to ask the bashers to recite their source when they say something absurd

( must be either quran or hadith to be credible).

Then you can search for the particular verse and see the translation for yourself.

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