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It would be nice to see the Islam in America convert the Islam in the Middle East.


You might be surprised how many Muslims agree with your statement.  I personally think there is vastly too much corruption in the Middle East right now.  There seems to be the same problem with Islam in the Middle East that there is with Christianity in the U.S.  People like to claim but few know much about it yet alone practice it outside of the place of worship.

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I am curious because I am but an hr and a half from Birmingham and my wife is from there where is the halal store in Birmingham?  I have had several brothers here tell me about it but I still do not know where.  I do know of the three masjids up there, I hope the people there are more open than the ones here.  I hate to say this but I have found that reverts tend to be more friendly and quicker to give salaams than born Muslims.  A friend of mine at the masjid has also confirmed this as he has told me that he has been to a few revert masjids where it is actually run by the reverts and there are more programs and more classes for people coming into Islam as opposed to here where there is a school but it is for children.


The store is across the street from Publix in Greensprings. 

Mediterranean Food Market

430 Greensprings Hwy

Birmingham, AL 35209

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shukran sister,


my wife is very familiar with Birmingham.  She says she knows that area so insha'Allah we will be able to go sometime this year

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