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You sound pretty lazy :D Can anyone post some eye exercises or something? It'd be helpful :D




You know the tablet wich contains E's that gradually get smaller with which they test your eyesight. You can get one or you can you use your TV and watch a program that displays subtitles.


Position yourself away from the TV so that it's kind of hard for you to see the subtitles but not impossible. Then the next step for you to do is to stare at the subtitles and try to read them with extremely relaxed eyes, let them just be open,don't strain them. You will notice that you will be able to read them after awhile. Sometimes as soon as 15 seconds you start get to get clear flashes of what you're supposed to read.


You can also close your eyes and put your hands over them so that your hand doesn't touch the eyeball. Keep your eyes closed for 15-30 seconds and then open them and look at the subtitles. It will make your vision better.


It does work,they're from a book called "how to better your eyesight without glasses" or something of that sort. The author underlines the science in the book on why one's eyesight gets worse and how it can be cured.

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