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fish iraqi style

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this is a iraqi recipe from my mom in law i made it many times. and it is yummie :D .


for the fish you need:


-1 fish a person (i am making the recipe for 4 persons) you can choose your fish or if you want it easy buy some frozen fish fillets (any fish aslong if it is fish from the sea or salt water , so no salmon ect..)

-2 onions chopped

-1 bulb of garlic crushed

-5 large potatos sliced

-2 cans of chopped tomatos

-some curry powder

-some dried or fresh basil

-tsp tumeric

-some black peper

- salt to taste


in an oven dish put some oil (olive) and place the sliced potatos, in top of the potatos place the chopped onion.

put in top of the potato and onion your fish.

in a seperate bowl mix the garlic, spices, salt and the 2 cans of chopped tomatos mix it all togheter and pour over the fish.

cover the oven dish with some silver paper and let it cook in the oven for 45 min on 200 degrees celsius.

after that take away the silver paper and cook for anothe 30 to 45 min in the oven until its done.


rice with vermicelli:


-4 cups of basmati rice

-1 cup of vermicelli

-cloves, cardamon, bay leaves and cinamon



wash the rice in cold water 3 times and let it stand in cold water for atleast 30 min.

in the pot heat a little oil and bake the vermicelli until brown, put water with salt and the spices and let it boil.

when it boils add the rice and let it boil until almost tender.

drain the rice lower your fire and put some oil in your pot let it get hot.

when it is hot add the almost tender rice and sprinkle a little oil in top of the rice and also some water now put the lit on it and let it stay for about 15 min or until tender.


enjoy :D



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