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What Is The Tree Of Zaqqum?

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More information from my website to share with you:


QUESTION: What exactly is the Tree of Zaqqum?


ANSWER:The Tree of Zaqqum is some of the food that the people of Hell will eat from. The Tree of Zaqqum is so awful, if a drop of Zaqqum was to be placed on this Earth, everything on Earth will be ruined. Can you imagine then how horrible it is to have it as food?


When consumed it will be like molten brass but worse. It will scald and burn their faces and their insides. The people of Hell will be so hungry that they will rush down to the pits of the fire to eat anything that they can find. Here, they will be forced to eat from the Tree of Zaqqum. Even before touch, their own lips will burn and expose their teeth. Not only that, but they will swallow thorn like pieces that will rip away their flesh and insides as it is swallowed. Before it even settles in their stomach it will burn away through their flesh and empty out.


We can recite in Qur'an:


"Without doubt, the Tree of Zaqqum, will be the food of the Sinful. Like molten brass it will boil in their insides, like the boiling of scalding water."





"No food will there be for them but a bitter Dhare' (a plant that is bitter, thorny and loathsome in smell and appearance with absolutely no nourishment whatsoever), which will neither nourish nor satisfy hunger."



Such food will also cause the person to choke.

A very clear description can be found in Surah As-Saffat:


"Is that better entertainment or the Tree of Zaqqum? For We have truly made it as a trial and punishment for the wrong-doers. For it is a tree that springs out of the bottom of Hell-fire. The shoots of its fruit-stalks are like the heads of Shaytans."



For the disbelievers and those Muslims who die without Eman, they will never ever taste or even smell the scent of food or drink.

Even some Muslims who will eventually come out of Hell, they will have to endure thousands and thousands of years of unbelievable torture along with further punishment from such "food" of the people of Hell, and each day in Hell is equal to a thousand years on Earth! So can you imagine the length of time having to spend in Hell!


Such descriptions and warnings Allah has given us should be a motivator to help us not disobey Allah, and to follow the commands of Allah. Without fearing Allah now we will surely fear Him on the Day of Judgment.





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Astaghfirulla...May Allah :D make us all dwellers of Jannah tul Firdus..and save us from the punishment on the day of judgement and our graves. ameen


Jazak Allah khairun for sharing that information...


When ever i hear the word "Zaqqum" i always think of cactus and think about the pain one would go through if he/she had to swallow it...Astaghfirulla.



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