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Alcohol In The House.

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if there is alcohol in the house,will someones prays, salat,quran be accepted? and the person who brings the alcohol in the house, does it secretly.


please make dua for my household.




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if your the owner of the house ask whoever does it not to bring alcohol, if they disagree ask if they could leave. if your not the owner (i.e. student accom, or just paying rent in general and its your 'friend' then ask if they could not bring alcohol into the house, again if they say no look elsewhere. i think thats the reply your most likely to get from other people on gawaher :D as for prayer not being accepted or not im not sure

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ok. but i have no control to kick the person out the home.

would it be right to just get rid of a muslim who drinks, wouldnt it be better to help the person to give up?

i really need everyones duas.



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Assalamo Alaikum!


Sister, as the brother has pointed out, if you have no authority over the people in the house, you are not responsible for their behaviour. But, staying with such people, unless you are obliged to, is something you can avoid. You must be aware of the saying " a person is recognised by the company he keeps". In Islam, we are asked to stay away from the company of people who do not practice Islam, do not avoid haram, etc. Shaytan is always on the lookout to misguide us, and such company is the best way to get us involved in haram activities.



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Asalam Alaikum sister Flower :D


firstly read the following and inshallah it will indicate the answer to ur question:


The Prophet of Islam Muhammad (Pbuh) said:


a. Anything which intoxicates in a large quantity is prohibited even in a small quantity. Thus there is no excuse for a nip or a tot.


b. Alcohol is the mother of all evils and it is the most shameful of evils.


c. Not only those who drink alcohol are cursed but also those who deal with them directly or indirectly are cursed by Allah.


It was reported by Anas (may Allah be pleased with him), a companion of the Prophet, that Muhammad (Pbuh) said:


God’s curse falls on a group of people who deal with alcohol. The one who distils it, the one for whom it has been distilled, the one who drinks it, the one who transports it, the one to whom it has been brought, the one who serves it, the one who sells it, the one who utilizes money from it, the one who buys it and the one who buys it for someone else.


As long as ur not associated to alcohol in anyway as mentioned above, then sister u can continue ur Islamic Way of Life peacefully inshallah.

(i need to ask u a personal question in PM sister- do read it)


i will make du'as for u


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